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This item is a Zillions-of-Games file
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2005-02-28
 By Christine  Bagley-Jones. Grand ShogiThis item is a Zillions-of-Games file
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2005-02-28
 By Christine  Bagley-Jones.. Normal Shogi, but with extra pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
christine wrote on 2005-03-19 UTC
hey i updated the game, added 9 variants, thanks for your comments you guys. i added extra knight variants, and i also made some variants with a lower piece density. i play-tested the knight variants, they play great, but the 'space' variants (lower piece density) i have not tested. anyway thanks again, i think the added variants add a lot of fun :)

christine wrote on 2005-03-04 UTC
hi me again :) hey Greg Strong thanks for that link, i tried sending you an email a couple of times but they keep coming back, undeliverable. i just wanted to ask some stuff about it etc. i would be interested in seeing how GrandShogi plays against a person instead of computer. i have thinking lately maybe it would be ok, but it is unclear. i have been playing testing a couple of variants with extra knights, he he, they play nice :)

christine wrote on 2005-03-02 UTC
Hi, sorry for blah blah blah, but i just wanted to carify one thing. GrandShogi was designed to play against the zillions computer. Because the computers style is to keep many pieces off the board, and then add them for defence and attack, this game works fine, with no 'overcrowding' problems. Of course, at the beginning it can be a little tight. As far as 2 human players playing it, i am not sure how it would go, there could most likely be problems. I will update this game, keeping this variant, and adding some others, with also a human vs human in mind. I would appreciate any feedback with the starting positions, my email is [email protected]

C hristine Bagley-Jo wrote on 2005-03-02 UTC
Hello, wow the game is a success, 2 comments within 3 days :) I just wanted to say a couple of things, i play tested this game many many times, before putting it out, and not once did i think the knight and lance were 'unimportant' or 'irrelavent'... actually these pieces are strong! Because there are more pieces on the board than normal Shogi, when the knight and lance are 'placed' on the board, often they can be devastating, because stronger pieces find it hard to get out of the way lol. So i strongly disagree that they are 'unimportant' or 'irrelavent'. They could actually be more stronger than in the normal Shogi game! <p>And yes, the gold generals do slow the game down,they offer massive defence for the central pawns, that is what i wanted, something much more different than Shogi. It is a longer more positional type of game. Still, there are strong powerful attacks nevertheless. But the idea of having extra knights is a good idea, maybe cutting down the generals, i will look into it for maybe a future update with more variants. I was just worried the knights on 2nd rank could hamper defence to the pawns in front of them. I do agree that this game maybe should not be rated good though, it is much better than good lol :))

Greg Strong wrote on 2005-02-28 UTCGood ★★★★
This is an interesting looking game. I would have considered adding a couple more knights in place of two of those gold generals ... I am concerned that the amount of power on the board will ruin the charm of Shogi. On the other hand, however, with so much power and captured-pieces-in-hand, the game is sure to be a blood bath, and that will give this game an excitement factor and charm all of it's own. Here is the URL to a game courier preset which should play this game correctly (should anyone be interested): /play/pbm/play.php?game%3DGrand+Shogi%26settings%3DMotif-CSS

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