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This item is a Zillions-of-Games file
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2004-04-26
 Author: Antoine  Fourrière. Inventor: Gary K. Gifford. Catapults of Troy ZIP file. Large variant with a river, catapults, archers, and trojan horses![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ji Shi wrote on 2010-05-26 UTCGood ★★★★
I played the game last night for hours. It's simple and easy to learn though many complex strategies can be disigned using the catapult, the bridge builder, the troy horse and the ram. The river is the most important on the board. I like the non-bridge opening. I used to develop at my side, finding weakness of the opponent build a bridge at a right time and position. But there is a problem that when the white builds a bridge, the black can remove it immediately. After three times repeats it would be a draw. If you have lost your catapult and horse and the opponent still has a bridge builder, you'll never pass the river. The river is balanced by the catapult. It's easy to catapult a horse across the river, even a pawn to the promotion rank. So a player has to defend every square of his side at the beginnin of the game. I'm afraid that players would emphasize more on defense than on attack.

Antoine Fourrière wrote on 2009-10-19 UTC
I have removed a bug. A Ram sliding off a Catapult captured by replacement instead of destroying everything on its way.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2005-05-16 UTCGood ★★★★
havn't played much yet but this game is no doubt highly original, well done :)

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