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4-handed Chaturanga with diceA Zillions-of-Games file
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M Winther wrote on 2009-12-27 UTC
The latest version plays a radically better game. The graphics is improved, too. This dice game works very fine. It's a fast and dramatic game, suitable for gambling. It was invented in medieval India.

Jonathan wrote on 2007-10-30 UTCGood ★★★★
I very much enjoy this, but would also like to see a diceless variant, if
you ever have the opportunity.  I know it's not the original way, but I
think it'd be interesting.  Also, I once read in a book called A Short
History of Chess that the bishop moved 1 square diagonal or 1 square
straight ahead (like the silver general in Shogi).  I know that it's at
least one version of the Chaturanga move:

but I don't know if it was ever applied to the four player version.  If
so, it might be fun to add a variant incorporating that move instead,
espectially considering that a player who rolls correctly can eliminate an
opposing king on his first move with his bishop, before the opponent has
even had a chance to play (a problem that won't ever arise with the
alternative bishop move).  Anyway, just giving a couple thoughts to expand
upon the enjoyable zrf.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2006-03-14 UTC
yeah no, you know more about making zrf's than me, the ship is strange
sometimes, no doubt, but i have noticed that zillions plays multi player
variants pretty bad, i think you should be happy it actually plays as good
as it does.
yeah, the ship, sometimes it passes on a move, when it could move from
it's start position to a square that is attacking an enemy king, and that
is the least of it's bad moves i've seen he he :)
i've noticed you say that this variant is only best playing with dice,
though i don't know why you say that.

M Winther wrote on 2006-03-13 UTC
Hi Christine!
I don't understand why the engine behaves as it does. Why does it sometimes refrain from capturing an enemy king? So I don't understand how I should improve it. I simply can't understand it. If you can find out a way of improving it it would be good. And sometimes it happens that it captures its partner's pieces, but this treachery is like real life, so it's ok. This game is fun for kids, I suppose, and ideal when playing for money. Much better than poker.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2006-03-13 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
wow this game is lots of fun, i never realised how much fun it could be with
dice, though the computer does play some really really bad moves
sometimes, that isn't your fault.
all you need to do is take back it's move and play the right move for it,
if it is really obvious.
it would be good to also put a variant out where there are no teams,
everyone against everyone, with dice, with this set up.
yes i've seen your up-coming 'shatranj' 4 player, looking forward to
anyway, great game, pretty funny, heaps of fun, i feel lucky with the dice
concept, he he, so i especially love it. 
good job, oh, graphics are great too, nice 'enlarge board'.

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