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Hordes of Change - Sample Game. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Joost Brugh wrote on 2005-12-20 UTC
I think simplification is only possible by reducing the number of pieces (especially play with one King/Knight) and eventually make a smaller board. For example, six bishops, seven rooks and one king on the first two rows of a 7x7 board. It should reduce the number of required moves. A problem with only one King/Knight is that the King/Knight is required to eliminate pieces. The game concept itself shouldn't be simplified. That isn't even that complex. I'll test a variant with a smaller board and less pieces.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-12-19 UTC
Have you tested a simplified version of this game?. Is it a good idea (in game play terms and flavor) the simplification?

Joost Brugh wrote on 2005-12-19 UTC
I must admit that the game will take long. However, the 120+ moves shouldn't be a conclusion from this sample game, because White is already chanceless in the diagram before the checkmate. If the game weren't meant to show piece dynamics, White would have resigned after move 91 or earlier. But indeed, this is still quite long. However, not longer than many games on these pages.

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