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This item is a miscellaneous item
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2008-10-07
 Author: Fergus  Duniho. Games for Game Courier. The many games you can play online with Game Courier.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Greg Strong wrote on 2020-11-07 UTC

You're welcome. Thank you for your patience. I have posted a Metamachy GC launch page.

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2020-11-07 UTC

Just a reminder if someone could make that Metamachy is visible among the game playable. Thanks a lot

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2020-10-31 UTC

Thank you very much

Greg Strong wrote on 2020-10-30 UTC

Here it is:

Looks like we never made a Game Courier launch page for it so it is not in the index. I will take care of that.

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2020-10-30 UTC

Hello. I can't find Metamachy on Game Courier. Has it been removed?

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2020-01-08 UTC

That's strange.  The button sends me to the correct settings according to the URL ("default") but the displayed image is that of the old settings ("Minishogi").  If I click Play or Move it takes me to the correct settings after all.

Maybe this is related to the cache issue we've had on other page types?

Armin Liebhart wrote on 2020-01-08 UTC

Thank you very much Ben,

one little note though, it appears that on the minishogi page it is not possible to choose my version, it's visible but i cannot click on the image, only on the button, which leads to the old version.

however it's possible to get to the mini shogi preset via judkin's shogi.



Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-01-08 UTC

Pages have authors, not inventors. Someone who programs a preset counts as an author. The inventor exclusively refers to the game inventor.

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2020-01-08 UTC

Thanks Armin!

I've added links to the settings files on the respective Preset pages:

(I've forgotten the convention about Inventors of Preset pages...the preset author or the game inventor?  Fergus, Greg, Joe?)

Judkin's original settings file doesn't appear to actually be different from the Chess one, so perhaps it should be deleted.

Armin Liebhart wrote on 2020-01-07 UTC


i'm putting my comment here, because i can't get through to the editors via e-mail.

I recently created two new rule enforcing presets for Mini Shogi and Judkin's Shogi and wanted to add them to the game courier game page, to make it possible for others to play them.

you can find them here:


hopefully one of the editors reads this comment and can put them there, because the actual presets are bad or not working at all.



Armin Liebhart (lunaris)

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2015-12-08 UTC
Test comment. My session was not being recognized on, but the comment link led to, where it is working.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2010-06-29 UTC
A preset for Chess that doesn't enforce any rules is already available for Chess. It is the default configuration for Game Courier before any changes are made, and the Editor link on the main Game Courier page will take you to it. The others aren't difficult to make if you need them. Just begin with a preset that enforces the rules and delete all the code for enforcing the rules.

Anonymous wrote on 2010-06-28 UTC
I think, it needs special presets for chess, shogi and xiang-qi, wich DO NOT enforce rules! They'll help to playtest games, played with same board pieces, but with different rules. And it's better if all 3 will have benches for captured pieces, as in shogi.

Travis Compton wrote on 2007-12-06 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Greetings to all Chess Variant players! I have often found myself looking to play a live game on the Play By Mail Game Courier, but not able to connect with anyone that can play at the same time. So I have created a chat room (with no requirements to download any software) to help pull fellow gamers together online at the same time. The chat room address is I titled the room 'Chess Variants Lounge'. Pretty simple to access and no registration required. Hope to find some of you there looking for a live game to play.

Jeremy Good wrote on 2007-02-20 UTC
Larry Wheeler gave me some good advice today on how to fix the problem, which I took so the problem should be fixed. Apologies for that, David.

David Paulowich wrote on 2007-02-20 UTC
Hello again Jeremy. It looks like you need to type in 'Sides: White Black' in order to make White move first. Sorry to be such a bother. [Edit] Unfortunately I will not have time to play TenCubed Chess while Game Courier Tournament #3 continues.

Jeremy Good wrote on 2007-02-19 UTC
Ah, I think maybe you're right. Okay, I think I've fixed it. Let me know. Thanks.

David Paulowich wrote on 2007-02-19 UTC

NOTE TO JEREMY: I still believe your TenCubed Chess preset needs to be adjusted. Most presets require Sides: White Black and Side: White. The Shogi preset reverses these settings, because Black moves first in Shogi. My email address will change in a week, so I have been avoiding correspondence lately.

And as long as you are working in that preset, I think that the dark squares would look better with Colors: FFFFFF 888888 - but I can always use a custom setting for my own viewing.

David Howe wrote on 2006-06-10 UTC
Hi Fergus, yes, I will fix that. Sorry for the annoyance...

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2006-06-10 UTC
ATTN David Howe:

David, when I clicked on the 'quick edit' link for this page, I was
informed that this page is now part of a collection, and several new
presets, all created by members through the new system you set up, were
part of the collection. Why is this page now part of a collection with
other pages? What does it mean for these pages to be collected together?
Is it necessary to show pages in the same collection when someone clicks
on 'edit' or 'quick edit'? They don't appear to have the same id, so
no disambiguation seems to be required.

I then had to click 'edit', not 'quick edit' again, to edit the page,
and I had to wait for all the long drop-down menus to load. Would you
please add 'quick edit' links to collection pages and to pages on the
main site, not just in the play subdomain?

Jeremy Good wrote on 2006-05-08 UTC
Pallab, maybe that's because the Chess with Different Armies presets, unlike many others, use enforceable rules. When I use another preset as a model for creating a new one, I try to find one that doesn't hasn't had its rules enforced.

pallab basu wrote on 2006-04-16 UTC
It seems that I can not edit a preset. Suppose I edit the preset of Remarkable Rookies vs Colorbound Clobbers and change a BD to a Rook. Then after pressing 'update' and then 'test' when I choose the option to move pieces by yourself I again get the orginal BD but not the rook. Same thing is happening if I invite somebody to play the edited game and accept the invitation myself.

pallab basu wrote on 2006-04-16 UTC
Yes this is true. What I meant is that at least the game design part is
left open and one can code a lot of game with game courier. That much is
also not easily avalaible elsewhere. As a matter of fact game courier is
an excellent creation, both as an idea and as an implementation. 
I understand the problem with point and click play. But one generaly use
it as a side option. One may use it or one may enter the move by hand. It
is like that in other servers. Why I suggested point and click play is
that to many computer-novice gammer it gives more comfort and hence is a
important factor to increase the popularity of a system. A java base
system also gives a better and faster preset to analyze and watch a played

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2006-04-14 UTC
First, Game Courier is not an open source project by the users for the
users. It is my own creation, built up from scratch by myself, with a
little bit of assistance from some other editors. It enables open
development of presets by anyone who cares to make them, but that's all
that is open about it. Like you can use a word processor to write a novel
without being able to program the word processor, you can use Game Courier
to develop games without being able to program Game Courier.

Second, I have no plans to add point and click capability to Game Courier.
Entering moves by notation is more versatile than moving pieces with a
mouse, and it will work with any browser. It also helps a player think
about his move more carefully and helps safeguard against making a
mistake. Besides all that, I have no experience programming Java, and I'm
not so excited about the idea of point and click capability to think it is
worth my time and effort to try to implement it.

pallab basu wrote on 2006-04-13 UTC
With the per game rating system another important addition may be the click and play system. The computer java applet already has this facility and it will not be difficult for game courier to adopt it. One thing I like about game courier is it is a system for the users by the users and it has a expandable 'open source' like structure.

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