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XYMYXA game information page
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George Duke wrote on 2009-01-15 UTC
Gilman's ''not uncommon restriction'' is meant alphabetical. But alphabets vary and there is not except arbitrarily correspondence of names and naming and piece-types and rules of movement in CVs, I would say, if and once there are enough of them. And my comment of Missing Ox directs toward up to 1000 piece-types in each letter. So, ''alphabetical'' is no restriction at all in long practice, but random. I am going to use the Missing Ox model to develop large numbers of CVs there or at some ChessboardMath, because of the convenience of 10^26 (26 letters) corresponding to size in atoms of creatures. Good idea, Missing Ox Gilman must have been aware of Gifford's extinct German Ox of Odin's Rune, that no one else but myself would have remembered.

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