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Goal Box Chess. Game on 42 squares with no King and the goal of placing pieces into 2 special squares. (5x8, Cells: 42) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Kevin McPartland wrote on 2004-04-30 UTC
Technically, if you are left with two bishops on the same color, you do
win.  The game is a tie.  To win, one must either occupy both goal boxes,
or be able to occupy both boxes when your opponent runs out of pieces.

But as Larry pointed out, the chances of this occuring are exceptionally
remote.  I doubt that it has ever happened in all the time that Goal Box
Chess has ever been played!

Larry Smith wrote on 2004-04-29 UTC
The rules state:

'If all of one player's pieces are eliminated before both goal boxes are
occupied by one player, then the player with pieces left is the winner.
Exception: if that player has only one piece left, then the game is
declared a draw.'

And the potential of two Bishops on the same diagonal pattern is extremely
remote.  Why promote to a Bishop when you can get that great Queen?

Anonymous wrote on 2004-04-28 UTC
What happens if one player runs out of pieces 
and the other has only 2 Bishops that are both 
on the same color?

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