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Tutti-Frutti Chess. With bishop-knight, knight-rook, queen-knight and the usual pieces on an 8 by 8 board. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-12-15 UTC
It's true what Shi Ji implies, that Cavebear,, should have cited Betza and Cohen's old Tutti-Frutti. Tutti-Frutti uses Cavebear's ABC template after all, and what Shi Ji says there, the Tutti-Frutti piece-types are too stong, So Cavebear's would be a stand-alone improvement not to mention apt generalization. The first response was: Two more points follow.  
(1) Even editors and other general prolificists get into the fashion of dismissing earlier 'identicals' saying things like ''I wasn't aware of that so it is not relevant to my 'new new new CV'.'' Crazy. Jejune. But hey the enthusiasm is there for the cover page's ''something different for a change.''  They of CVPage got that all right and then some.  This case, if Tutti-Frutti had been called to Cavebear Stroud's attention earlier, he may well have had edited-in the prior art precedent, but Cavebear hasn't been around recently. 
(2) Also relevant is that Betza for Different Armies, originally called then unequal armies, invented more or less simultaneously with Tutti-Frutti late 1970s -- with new armies added steadily til his departure in 2003  -- did not design this efficient way. Betza did define atoms in A,F,W,D and N, but those extreme elementals are too weak to total the wanted 39/31 points.  Different Armies are still being put up occasionally such as this year's Spartan Army.  Would not the best way to generate Different Army after Different Army be exactly the algorithmic A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, ABC way of instructor Cavebear pure and simple?

George Duke wrote on 2009-12-05 UTC
Tutti-Frutti is not one of them, but Brainking has plenty of Carrera-Capa compound opportunities. Amazon is super-Carrera compound of B+N+R. Of Brainking's 37 Chess CVs, plenty for its 88,725 members, only 200-250 are ever online at a time, there are Janus, Embassy, Amazon, Maharajah, Grand and Capablanca Random Chess each having at least one of the 3 classics. Said before, Scharnagl's CRC should lay to rest the need for any more personalized Carrera-Cabablancas. If you think of one, the right thing is humbly to attribute to to Capa and Bird and Carrera. Rococo and Carrera-Capablanca juxtaposed in the side comment are appropriate, because of their unbalanced arrays. Unbalanced arrays are not rare but infrequent, what, maybe only 7%, 10% -- excluding K-Q and Q-K aspect. In Rococo case it works for the several interesting pieces I, S, C, and W, all of which anyway move as Queen but capture differently. In Carrera-Capablanca case the imbalance fails, because it is an outside intellectual construct forcibly introduced to the board. Nice idea, bad result from the year 1617 or so, nearing 400 years.

David Paulowich wrote on 2006-01-27 UTCGood ★★★★
Legler's Chess (Neo-Chess) also replaces the a-file rooks with empresses and (in the revised version) the g-file knights with princesses. Before the internet, many chess variants were forgotten and their innovative ideas had to be reinvented later on.

Cohen's Error Chess (1977) probably did have some influence on Ralph Betza's Remarkable Rookies (Chess with Different Armies). Both variants replace the knights with W+D pieces, called Woody Rooks by Betza.

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