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Trubix-43. Unique piece and lines of movement on an hourglass board. (5x11, Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Nicholas Kuschinski wrote on 2003-04-08 UTC
As a contestant in the 43 square competition, I felt it was probably my duty to go ahead and provide some feedback for my competitors, but in this case its really quite hard. The only way to be able to figure out just how the game plays is to actually do the playing, since I see no obvious patterns in the board or in the rules. In general, I would wonder about the two fleurbics that start on the front row. It seems a little disturbing to have a piece that powerful so far forwards. Also, the crowned night doesn't seem so weak at all, and I'd like you to explain why you think it is the weakest piece on the board. Also, about being crowded: No kidding! Giving the woozans the intial two step move limits the opening possibilities for black severely, and probably makes things worse, rather than better. The pieces, in general, seem incredibly strong, and makes me think that the openning is just a sort of massacre, where about a third of the pieces come off in very few moves. The weird geometry of the board, with some squares adjacent to more of the other squares than they really should be, doesn't help to make it any less crowded. Then again, this is really only speculation. In order to figure out what's going on in your game, I would actually have to play it, and I'm far too lazy to playtest your game for you.

David Short wrote on 2003-01-29 UTC
Thank you for your comments, Timothy. Woozans are essentially pawns which can not only move forwards and capture diagonally forwards, but also move backwards and capture diagonally backwards. <p>Woozans can make non-capturing moves diagonally forwards along the 'Z' squares on the opponent's sides of the board. Woozans of EITHER COLOR may make NON-CAPTURING diagonal moves EITHER FORWARDS OR BACKWARDS along the 'X' squares on both sides of the board. This last bit may not have been articulated by me properly in the rules, so anyone who attempts to write a ZRF for TRUBIX-43 needs to take this into account. <p>These special rules allow woozans to move from the outsides of the board back towards the center, and sometimes from the center towards the outside of the board. The 'X' squares along a player's own side of the board can also help a woozan make a two-step move. For instance, from a2 to b4. <p>On a board which is likely to get quite congested at times, the ability to move backwards will sometimes come in quite handy. <p>

Timothy R. Newton wrote on 2003-01-28 UTC
I have not tried your game, but it sounds quite fun! I would like some clarification, however, about the WOOZAN'S special moves. Thanks!

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