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Transporter Chess (84). Large variant with transporters and several new pieces. (10x10, Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Andrew Newton wrote on 2002-12-05 UTC
In answer to your first question, a piece may promote only once, so a
Fighter that promotes to a Super Fighter can never become a First Mate. 
In answer to the second question, you can capture a piece that is on a
Transporter space with a piece's normal movement, and then that piece can
use the Transporter movement.  However, if a piece (either your own or an
enemy piece) is on a Transporter space, that space is blocked and cannot
be transported to until the piece is either moved off the square or

Let me give you some examples to clarify:  If your Commander is located at
B3 and an enemy piece is on the Transporter at A3, the Commander can move
to A3 and capture the enemy piece, then he is able to make his transporter
move.  If the Transporter space at A8 is occupied by any piece (friend or
foe) he could only transport to J3.  If both A8 and J3 are occupied, he
cannot Transport.  

Also, if a piece moves onto a Transporter space, that piece must transport
if there is an open Transporter space that it can transport to.  This only
applies on that same turn.  For example:  The Commander moves onto A3 and
both A8 and J3 are blocked, the opponent then takes his next turn, which
opens up the Transporter space at A8.  In this case, the Commander does
NOT transport to A8!  This also means that a piece which has moved onto a
Transporter space, but was unable to transport that turn would have to
move off the Transporter space and back onto it again to use the
Transporter move.

Dan Troyka wrote on 2002-12-05 UTC
I'm working on a zrf for Transporter Chess and have a few questions.  When
a Fighter promotes to a Super Fighter, under what conditions can that
Super Fighter then promote to a First Mate?  I assume the Super Fighter
must step out of the camp and then re-enter, so that promotion can be
accomplished in two moves.

If a Transporter is occupied by an enemy, can a piece still pass through
it?  If so, does it capture the enemy piece first and then make the
transport move, or does it pass through the enemy piece without affecting
it?  A similar question arises if the destination Transporter is occupied
by an enemy.  Can the transport move to that Transporter still be made,
resulting in capture of the enemy?  

Thanks, Dan.

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