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Stratomic. Decimal variant with a nuclear missile piece. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2004-08-30 UTC
This choice of letter is not a big deal. It was the choice of the author of
the game to call the new piece a Nuclea. Feel free to call it a Bomb if
you like. Bishop is a Fool in French you know, so the names of piece have
demonstrated some flexibility.
Btw, Knight (which does not start with a N, no?(humour)) is Cavalier in
French, so we use a C.
And, it took me few seconds to get what ICBM meant...

Doug Chatham wrote on 2004-08-12 UTC
N and M are too easily confused. How about A (for A-bomb) or I (for ICBM)? <p> Or we could just switch to using French abbreviations; then the problem goes away...

Anonymous wrote on 2004-08-12 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Just one question: Shouldn't the abbreviation for the Nuclear Missile piece be something like M, because N is already in use for the Knight? If not, what should be used for the Knight?

Bart wrote on 2003-05-03 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Great Game! The Nuclear Missle piece is great. Good scope for strategy.

No-one wrote on 2002-07-05 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
The Nuclear Missile piece is great. It is also a nice, easily-learnt game.

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