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Spacious Pieces. Pieces that need a bit more open space to move.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Anonymous wrote on 2010-07-29 UTC
Your very spacious piece is basically a shorter halfling...

Jeremy Good wrote on 2009-06-19 UTC
John Smith, I love your idea for very spacious / equispacious pieces.

I don't know why Ralph Betza no longer talks with us here. He has left Gilman to fill in the gaps, with only his grin behind.

Ralph Betza says this: 'My common practice of making up a whole new army with a new type of piece would fail miserably using Spacious pieces, because the army as a whole would lack balance: If a Spacious Queen is worth a mere 0.7 Q in the midgame but is worth a full Q in the ending, there is nothing you can do to make a fair army out of it.'

I don't see why not. The Spacious Cannoneers will know that their value increases with exchanges and other armies will try to prevent these sorts of exchanges from taking place. Worth a try.

John Smith wrote on 2008-11-26 UTC
How about a very spacious Rook, which must have the squares up to X steps away empty when it moves X steps? It is considerably weaker than the regular spacious Rook. This could bring a whole new class of pieces, the 'equispacious', the Dabbaba of which would only be able to move if the space two steps, discounting the first step, away were empty. Has Ralph gone into hibernation?

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