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Jeremy Good wrote on Wed, Jun 7, 2006 10:52 AM UTC:
Re: Dice-based Chess pieces:Bushi Shogi. It's sort of an attractive looking thing, isn't it? With only two squares, it is perhaps the 'smallest number of squares' playable chess variant (perhaps we should have a one square chess variant contest, to see if anyone can invent playable one square chess variants -- probably a multiple occupancy square -- does that sound silly? Here is a variant without a board: 'no squares'), but because of all the sides in Bushi Shogi, I don't think you can call it the smallest playable chess variant. That honor may go perhaps to Knight Court Chess at least that is the inventor's claim. By 'playable' perhaps we mean, no forced win? I can't verify whether Knight Court Chess has a forced win. I just played against zillions and I was checkmated in six moves.

Gary Gifford wrote on Wed, Jun 7, 2006 09:57 AM UTC:
Related to the proposed 'Ferris Wheel' Piece (in the recent Joe Joyce ELK
comment, is the Proteus 6-sided dice piece.  Proteus is a dice-based chess
variant by Steve Jackson. It is played on a standard chess board.  Each
side has 8 dice with a different piece on each face. You start with 8
pawns, but each turn you get to change one of your dice to a more powerful
piece, or a level down (so a Pawn could turn into a moveless, captureless
Pyramid or a Bishop. As pieces become more powerful, they become worth
more points to your opponent. You win by points or when your opponent
cannot make the required 2-moves  which are to move 1 piece and promote
(or demote) another.  The dice-pieces must follow  the designated chain of
promote/demote... it is an interesting and challenging game.

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