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Raven. Can move as a Rook or a Nightrider.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
A. DeWitt wrote on 2021-11-17 UTC

The Raven in the diagram can also move from c2 to a3, but this is not shown in the diagram.

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2020-02-04 UTC

@KelvinFox, for a Piececlopedia article (and useful advice even for ordinary Piece articles), see

You can use the Post Your Own Game scripts, using only the Introduction field, to have a more flexible header system.  (When the fields other than Introduction are empty, the headers are suppressed, and you can include your own.)  You can't select Piece or Piececlopedia, but we (the editors) can change that after.  (But if you want to put it in the Piececlopedia, you'll need to ask Fergus whether he'd prefer/insist on a static html file instead of script submission.)

KelvinFox wrote on 2020-02-03 UTC

How do I make a new piece submission?

🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-02-03 UTC

I borrowed that piece from David Paulowich's Unicorn Chess.

KelvinFox wrote on 2020-02-03 UTC

I am going to write a page soon about the Bishop version of this piece, which is featured in Caïssa Britannia.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-05-18 UTC
John Lawson's suggestion of Marshmallow has two primary meanings, a confection and the plant whose root wsd initially an ingredient in it. The best-known example of a piece named after a manufactured food is Waffle - Wazir+Alfil - and the best known with a plant name is Rose - an extension of the Knight. So perhaps Marshmallow should be Wazir+Rose, and as completeness would also require a Rook+Rose combniation I would suggest Marshranger for that.

John Lawson wrote on 2003-05-11 UTC
Hmm. So a non-capturing Marshall could be called a Marshmallow?

Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-05-11 UTC
The Abecedarian Big Chess page (under large variants, surprise surprise!) calls Varan the French for Raven; Waran is presumably an alternative spelling. My own preference would be to call this piece a Marshrider, Wazir+Nightrider a Marshrover, and Wazir+Knight a Marshlander. The last is a simple pun, the Marshrover a MARSHal with the Ranges swapped OVER, and the Marshrider a rider for all pieces starting with Marsh. This has the advantage that names can be extrapolated from other Marshal-like pieces to their dual-rider versions.

Anonymous wrote on 2002-09-13 UTC
This piece is also (and more commonly?) known as waran.

--Jörg Knappen

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