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Navia Dratp Photos. Actual photos of this soon-to-be released game![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Doomsday wrote on 2004-08-30 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I actually have the promotional demo of this game, a local bookstore owner
gave me this game to test for possible tournament play.  the game is
extremely fun to play and very easy to learn.  I am more excited about
being able to paint the figurines.  each figurine is alo mark as first
edition for the collectors out there, though i did receive a error
fingurine. the figurine Navia estella has the movement compass and name
plate of another figurine in the set.
the demo i have came with one board and rule book, but the figures and
jewels of the two starter sets.  i recommand giving it a try.

Matt Arnold wrote on 2004-07-25 UTC
James, thank you for your comments. I did not invent the game or have anything to do with Bandai Inc. The editors have wrongly attributed it to me because of the idea I had for a multi-player variant of ND. I've notified the editors about it repeatedly and asked that this be corrected.

James Spratt wrote on 2004-07-25 UTC
Hi, Matt: I hope you can assure that the rare, powerful pieces really remain 'randomly' distributed; if anyone finds out they can be simply bought for a premium price, you'll kill the lower 90% of your market very quickly--kids who aren't rich, and I think the real prize pieces should remain luck of the draw. Just a thot, and again, good luck. James Spratt

Matt Arnold wrote on 2004-07-22 UTC
Bob, I agree on how beautiful it is. For those who want more detail on what Bob has reported here, click the link above these comments to go to the complete rules description.

Bob wrote on 2004-07-22 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Actually I saw this game displayed at GAMA in Vegas earlier this year. The detail on this figures is fantastic it's a rich looking game. The figures have different movement and attack abilities, as they attack and succeed they become stronger. Once you have accumulated enough 'stones' (I forget their name) you can 'dratp' a figurine, dratping allows you to flip the figurines dial which makes it stronger. See the dial on the Navia figurine?, that is the dial that flips (dratps). Bandai will supporting this game with organized play tournaments wher you can compete for limited edition figures. There are 2 different starter kits, boosters with 2 (I think) random figures in them. Street date is currently 8-14.

Matt Arnold wrote on 2004-07-22 UTC
James, I've submitted more detailed photos to the editors. I would like to have a ND Piececlopedia, but if it is on this website I would need to be given editing privileges for those pages for my frequent changes. Look for the ND Piececlopedia when this game is released to retailers on August 14! Until then I will post a comment to the rules page (link above) with the movements and powers of the pieces that I do already know.

James Spratt wrote on 2004-07-22 UTC
Since I haven't played this game, I don't feel qualified to rate it, although it appears to have excellent potential. It's a lovely figure of (the heroine?), a very intriguing package, and the dungeon-like promo pic is just right. I wouldn't mind seeing close-ups of the little sculpted pieces, and explanations of what they do. If you've gone to full injection-casting production, I wish you the best of luck. James Killian Spratt,

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