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Maxima Set. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-08-23 UTC
It was a hard work, the set looks very decent, in my personal opinion, but I think it does not look very proffesional, there are little details in some pieces and the board. Black squares are in 'mahogany' (in Venezuela a bit clearer than in USA, and a bit less red), and the rest are autoctonal woods: 'light saman' for white pieces, dark saman for black pieces (slightly over-colored with red-black inks), and 'pardillo' for light squares. Polished by machine and hand using polishing cream after smooth, and finished with a very thin hand of simple transparent laque. Rectangles to the sides of the Palaces painted in Black. My initial plan was more ambitious: Also another multipurpose set for Grand-Chess and others 10x10... It is in stand-by, for a while, perhaps for a long time.

Matthew Montchalin wrote on 2005-08-23 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Very nice set. What kinds of wood were employed for the board, and for the pieces, and what kind of varnish or lacquer was used to make the pieces so shiny? Looks expensive!

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