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Titan Chess. Chess featuring dozenal board and seven diverse new pieces with multiple capture mechanisms and movement modes. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Super Bishop wrote on 2013-06-14 UTCAverage ★★★
Little drab, don't you think?  You use the same old pieces for half of your chess variants.  They're great as individual games, but overall they just lack variety.  Try games with none of the FIDE pieces.  Or better yet, with common fairy chess pieces with your inventions.  After all, Tesla didn't invent the lightbulb 17 times.

Charles Daniel wrote on 2008-06-27 UTC
Worth repeating:
the rules are exactly the same as in standard chess except for Flexible Castling and extended initial pawn move and en-passant rules. And the new pieces, of course.

The writeup for the pieces is quite a challenge, and I do agree that the wording can tend to be confusing for some - especially for those with little patience.

Note too that the Ninja Pawn can always move sideways regardless of where it is. However, it can only capture in enemy territory.

The inventor(s) of checkers/draughts deserve credit here for my inspiration on the flying pieces. Previous poster is suffering from delusions to even think that names mentioned have anything to do with Flying Bomber /Ninja Guard pieces.

And as I mentioned before, anyone can invent pieces if given enough free time, - and one does not credit a similar invention when the original (and much older) invention is well known source of inspiration.

Of interest to some, I felt that the same fly over mechanism of checkers might irritate some chess players, and in general, simpler movements were more needed for a larger board game. This was my inspiration for Hadean Chess.

I was convinced in the end that a simpler flying mechanism could be proposed - that is a simple 3 square leap (if two pieces lie in between) as in Hadean (derived from Herculean ) chess with no jump over capture allowed.

A humorous note :
Ignore the previous poster's strange use of the word we. Only the poster timed out a game of Titan Chess in the tournament. No other player has done so - so unless I was playing the same game with three people at the same time! In which case I must be in the twilight zone - I thought I invented a two player game !

George Duke wrote on 2008-06-27 UTCPoor ★
Talk about a Rube Goldberg Chess Variant. At Sam Trenholme's 'List...' article, we say that one Super Chess is enough. Chess Variant Pages has maybe 40 or 50 of these, like Titan Chess, ''not worth the ether their printed on,'' to use Editor Joe Joyce's famous words. Worsening  Daniel's subpar CVs (we have not yet reached all of them), to go with overcomplexity, is bad writing. Try wading through this lengthy Rules-set.
72 pieces is supposed to be some mark of pride or badge of honour, one supposes. Ninja Pawns move differently across center line like stark Xiangqi, where it makes sense unlike Titan. Worst of all by our standards is lack of acknowledgement of Wayne Schmittberger and T.R. Dawson for similarity and priority of ''flying pieces.'' It is just not worth analyzing in more detail, when an inventor does not care enough or is so self-absorbed even to do a little homework. As stated, I just stopped playing at GC when first the Rules of Titan were not posted, then I had to look at this. If that dropping-out jeopardizes our standing in IAGO, so be it, not having seen much progress in longwinded IAGO.

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