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Thud. Link to variant invented by Trevor Truran in association with Terry Pratchett. (15x15, Cells: 164) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
John Ayer wrote on 2006-02-09 UTC
There is a website devoted to this, linked to the Terry Pratchett website,
at .

Charles Gilman wrote on 2006-02-08 UTC
There is now an ongoing discussion of playing Thud at:;f=16;t=000018

Larry Smith wrote on 2005-10-31 UTC
The Dwarf player will definitely lose a lot of pieces in the opening game. 
It is almost impossible to take down a Troll with single Dwarf.  You need
to hurl them.  Thus forming up packs of Dwarves will help.  Lines of
Dwarves is not enough, you need at least a 2x2 block of them.

Trolls have a significant advantage if they operate together.  So the
Dwarf player should sacrifice a few in order to bring them out for the

But as the field opens up, it gets more difficult for the Troll player to
catch those running Dwarves.  Chances are that the Dwarves will be able to
wipe out the Trolls, but it will take some serious positioning for the
Trolls to wipe out the Dwarves.  So the Dwarf player, with proper tactics,
should be able to maintain a sufficient force to win the game.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-10-31 UTC
I have not playet it yet. Any comments on the game play?. Is there some advantage for one band or the other?.

Larry Smith wrote on 2005-10-29 UTC
I've written a Zillions implementation of this game. But I am reluctant to distribute it without the consent of the inventor Trevor Truran.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2005-10-22 UTC
The difference is in the nature of the capture. With Hurling, a Dwarf lands on a square occupied by a Troll, thereby capturing the Troll. With Shoving, a Troll lands on an empty square (but a non-adjacent one, which is not possible with the normal Troll move), resulting in the capture of every Dwarf adjacent to its new position. As far as I can see, no piece can ever pass through an occupied square, as this is not specified as a difference from the normal Dwarf move.

Larry Smith wrote on 2005-10-21 UTC
The rules use a different term explaining the capture movement of these
pieces, but is the actual translation the same?  Obviously, the final
effect of the movement is different.

For example, the term 'hurl' is used to describe the Dwarf capture move.
 Does this mean that a Dwarf can pass over, or leap, other pieces to strike
their target?  Or is the translation exactly like the 'shove' of the
Trolls, a movement through vacant cells until it strikes its target?

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