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Shatranj With Different Armies. (Updated!) Like Chess with Different Armies, but for Shatranj.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Andrew L Smith wrote on 2022-07-03 UTC

Edited regarding letters: Berolina pawns changed from P to Q.

Andrew L Smith wrote on 2022-07-03 UTC

The Japanese Jostlers pawn is a regular Shatranj pawn (though with a different promotion). The image editor doesn't allow me to mix piece sets, unfortunately.

Greg Strong wrote on 2022-05-27 UTC

Shatranj with Different Armies. Possibly a worthwhile idea... Only possibly, since Shatranj is such a bad game. I will digest this more and post further thoughts, but my first observation is that "The Japanese Jostlers" show a different icon for the Pawn, although the text claims it isn't a Shogi Pawn. Please clarify. Furthermore, I think Shatranj with Different Armies should follow CwDA in the core tenant that the Pawns and Kings don't change between armies. If you have armies with wild pawns, to me that is not "Shatranj with Different Armies" but something else.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2022-05-27 UTC

I have published this. I would recommend using P for the Pawns and another letter for the Berolina Pawns, since if this game is ever programmed for Game Courier, every piece will need to be identified by notation.

Andrew L Smith wrote on 2021-10-06 UTC

I believe this is now ready to be published.

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