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Ryugi. 10x10 variant with Kirins, Marshalls, and Dragons, the latter which can move as a Bishop or as a Nightrider.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Adam DeWitt wrote on 2021-10-08 UTC

I've added the implementation in the Interactive Diagram. Still need to add it in Game Courier though.

Edit: Apparently by happy accident, the Game Courier preset had this implemented already without me realizing it.

Adam DeWitt wrote on 2021-05-08 UTC

Though you are right when it comes to implementation, it is possible to know whether I'll consider it, as this would technically fit into my philosophy of consitency between most piece moves across games, as Ryugi is my only game with Chess-style Pawns without a setup covering the entirety of a single rank. However, it might be some time before it is implemented in the diagram and Game Courier.

Also, I noticed a few mistakes in the set file I just sent you. If you could overwite the old file with the new one when I send it to you that would be great.

Greg Strong wrote on 2021-05-08 UTC

Since you mentioned Ryugi in another thread (here) it reminded me that I wanted to mention it.  There's a reason I hadn't implemented it in ChessV.  Your pawn rule:

It can also move two squares forward on its first move

The difficulty is that you cannot always tell by looking at a position if a pawn on e3 or f3 has moved or not.  (A pawn on d2, for example, could get to e3 by capturing.)  So extra state information would need to be captured, and we'd need to define how the FEN notation is expanded to record that, etc.  Since this game is so similar to Unicorn Great Chess, may I suggest using the rule from that game:

Any Pawn may make a double move from any space a Pawn of its color starts on

This resolves the issue and simplifies the game.

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