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Neutron 45. Variant of the game Neutron on a 45-squared board. (7x7, Cells: 45) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Joost Brugh wrote on 2006-01-15 UTC
Neutron is a game that is in the basis set of Zillions games. The rules are the same as for Neutron 45, except that the board is 5x5 or 7x7 and that players start with a back rank full of Pawns and no other pieces. There is no 45 contest. If there will be a 45 contenst, this game will appear in the non-competing list.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2006-01-13 UTC
I cannot find any page for Neutron itself. Is there one, if so where, and if not what are the rules for that? As a matter of curiosity was Neutron 45 designed for a 45-square contest that never materialised? If so does anyone know if there will ever be such a contest?

Joost Brugh wrote on 2006-01-11 UTC
I already have a ZRF. But I had to ask some questions to the Chess Variant Pages about member submitted ZRF's and board images larger tan 100k. I have tested it quite a lot. The game can easily be over in about 10 full moves. The game could take a bit longer if the level of play is higher, but it should still be much shorter than a chessgame. Neutron 45 can be compared with the classic Neutron. The main element is the same. Classic Neutron is more tactical (like a mate in n-problem) and Neutron 45 is more strategical (like a chess middle game).

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2006-01-11 UTC
Hace you tested this game?. How long are, in average, the games?. What comparissons can be made with 'classic' Neutron?. I have not tested it yet. Is a ZRF available?.

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