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Net Chess. Variant of InterGrid Chess. Move between intersections. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Stephen Miller wrote on 2006-02-19 UTC
Haven't tried it yet, which is why I haven't rated. It certainly looks
interesting, however.

Just thought I'd mention why I think ZoG would be overvalueing occupieing
the intersections - I seem to recall that ZoG values positions primarially
based upon movement ability, and from that perspective, I'd imagine the
intersections to look extremely powerful.

Point of pedantry, however... I thought ships in Trek could interact with
ships out of warp while in warp, or at least crash into them. For an sf
analogy, wouldn't the intersections be closer to hyperspace in B5?

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2006-02-13 UTC
Thanks Michael for the kind comments. I have now posted the ZRF. Yes, I've
played it against ZOG to test the game mechanics, unfortunately ZOG plays
this game very poorly. 

I also hope that the game plays well! But I'll have to wait for a human opponent!

ZOG vastly overvalues moves to the intersections. I considered multiplying
'add''s for standard moves, but even with 3 adds, it did not alter
ZOG's priorities (besides making you choose between multiple identical
moves, which is annoying), so I abandoned this approach. As with many
games that significantly alter movement structure, ZOG is mostly useful to
test the game mechanics and to play by e-mail.

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