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Korean Carrera. Missing description (15x10, Cells: 150) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2010-10-31 UTC
I have now finished naming cpmpounds of radial hopper and oblique leaper/stepper as follows:
         Tank       Cannon   Arrow      Sling
         ---------- -------- ---------- ------
Knight | Accountant Marksman Careerist  Carian
Camel  | Actuary    Captain  Campaigner Cappadocian
Elf    | Eliminator Legate   Leister    Levantine
I decided not to bother with Gnu compounds. The basic (oblique leaper) versions are listed in Man and Beast 08: Diverse Directions and oblique-stepper versions of some, including Chinese- and Korean-style Marksmen, are mentioned in Man and Beast 13: Straight and Crooked Moving. I have also submitted an update to Ecumenical Eurasian Ninjachess.

Daniil Frolov wrote on 2010-10-28 UTC
Grand Jang gi (link is in my previous comment) is not listed in alphabetical index.

Daniil Frolov wrote on 2010-10-28 UTC
Another one:

Charles Gilman wrote on 2010-09-27 UTC
It's just struck me as more complicated than I took into account. Logically 3d pieces like the Cavalhopper, Cafilhopper, Leasehopper, Levithopper, and Leprehopper should get distinct names as well - to say nothing ofthe Acehopper and Acmehopper. Do you think I should just concentrate on thinking of a name for the Canvahopper for now and leave the rest for the longer term?

Charles Gilman wrote on 2010-09-22 UTC
I'm making progress with names for Hopping-radial-component versions of the Marshal/Cardinal/Canvasser/Caliph, but I'm not quite there yet. It occurred to me that names Careerist/Campaigner better suited the Knight/Camel compounds with the Arrow than with their own G/Mc and Wellisch hex analogues, so I changed the latter compounds to Canterer/Caperer to free up Careerist/Campaigner for the Arrow compounds. Careerist even has an echo of Carrera whose name this variant carries. So I now have Cannon+Knight=Marksman, Arrow+Knight=Careerist, and Arrow+Camel=Campaigner, but this still leaves Cannon+Camel. I welcome any thoughts on naming that piece.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2010-09-08 UTC
It was the fact that I had used Ninja so widely and for so long that I was making the point about that rather than Ram, which is my name for a forward-only 3d and hex piece which neither I nor anyone has used widely.

In Ecumenical Eurasian Ninjachess I termed the compound of (Chinese) Cannon and (leaping) Knight a Marshhopper, but I can see that if a generic name is to cover different kinds of Knight (as well as Cannon) component that won't do, and no doubt you'd prefer a real word to something derived. Well as you'd have to be a really good shot to fire any kind of gun from a moving horse, how about Marksman? That would still have echoes of the start of Marshal. Now if I could devise real-word names for the Cardi-, Canva-, and Calip-hoppers I could submit an update to EEN - although as my update to Honeycomb Chess has yet to be posted goodness knows when the EEN update would appear!

Daniil Frolov wrote on 2010-09-06 UTC
It's only name. Can you suggest different name for horse-cannon compound? Maybe, i'll use name 'ninja' for 2,2,1 leaper if i'll make 3D game. This name is probably also used for certain pieces from other games. Names ship and dragon are also used for many pieces, and 'ram' have several meanings in chess variants to.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2010-09-06 UTC
'Ninja - compound of cannon and horse.' Why, when I have used the 2:2:1 cubic leaper so widely under this name? Variants using the latter include Ecumenical Eurasian Ninjachess, Leapale, Nichtschach, Paired Piece Tunnelchess, Sachsenschach, Springernichtschach, and Weltschach. Most use it in conjunction with the Knight and the 2:1:1 Sexton. Triaxial Qi uses Stepping versions of all three.

Antoine Fourrière wrote on 2010-09-05 UTC
Is merely using a piece which jumps like a Korean Cannon enough to qualify? Then my own Bifocal Chess has a piece which becomes (by choice) a Korean Cannon or a Korean Vao after each jump. 

I am also considering this 12x8 setup:


wherein C are the same Korean Cannons/Vaos (starting as Cannons, and allowed to capture or jump a Cannon/Vao), L are so-called Leapers whose first diagonal or orthogonal move turns them  as a pair for the duration of the game into Cazaux Elephants (AF) or War Machines (DW) (unless one is captured before , turning the surviving Leaper into a Zebra or Camel), and Pawn promotion is allowed only as a Knight, an Elephant, a War Machine, a Camel or a Zebra (one of each per player).

Daniil Frolov wrote on 2010-09-03 UTC
Are there other Korean chess variants (but not subvariants of certain Chinese chess variants) besides this one, my 'Changi with diagonal pieces' - , Jose Carrillo's 'Korean Random Chess' - and historical game, mentoided here - (i would like to know it's rules)?

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