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This item is an article on pieces
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2014-02-08
 By Jeremy Gabriel Good. Cupid Chess 3. Pieces trace out geometrical patterns suggested by the way they are designed.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2016-03-17 UTC
I have changed the itemid of this page from MPcupidchess3 to MScupidchess3, since the MP prefix is reserved for Game Courier presets. Member submissions with the MP prefix have a semantic URL on the play subdomain and a message at the top stating that they provide Game Courier presets.

Jeremy Good wrote on 2014-11-16 UTC
Who ever made the comment about the Top Heart being a Boyscout restricted to just two moves, great point and nice analysis. :-)

Jeremy Good wrote on 2014-09-18 UTC
Was not able to figure out a good CDA team - was going to be "Cunning Cupids" but it will take a lot more work if it will ever come to fruition. I think I even had some questions lingering about how I wanted these pieces to move. A cursory glance leaves me sputtering, not being able to interpret [all of] these diagrams. 

Hoping to re-visit and some point...

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2014-02-09 UTC
Editorial note: 

Having had this one brought to our attention, I've cleared its hidden-pending-review status.  The item was listed as a Play-By-Mail type, but no link to a preset was given, and the page contents read more like a piece article, so I've re-Typed it as such.  The itemid will keep the MP prefix and I've left the board size in case the page gets completed to a game article at a later date.

Anonymous wrote on 2009-11-19 UTC
The bottom heart is a really nice piece.

On the other side, the top heart is nothing new: It is identical to a zB2, a boyscout or crooked bishop restricted to two moves. Note, that all squares a top heart can reach in the third step are also reachable in the first step, and the squares of the fourth step are also reachable in the second step using another path.

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