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Cat's Chess. Missing description (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Greg Strong wrote on 2020-09-25 UTC

This game is difficult to understand.

Neutral piece - can be captured only by pawns and cats and queens and kings and bishops, but using their non-capturing powers of movement

What are the non-capturing powers of movement of a queen, king, or bishop?  Am I missing something?

(zzo38) A. Black wrote on 2014-02-26 UTC
"You can do this even if you don't have one" means that even if you have not yet placed it onto the board, or if it has been captured. However, it is somewhat risky since it might give your opponent an extra move (such a move might not be to their advantage, but it might be very much to their advantage!).

Daniil Frolov wrote on 2014-02-26 UTC
"You can do this even if you don't have one" - so how it will affect the game?

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