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AltOrth with Further Piece Types. Extending the AltOrth interpretation of hex cells to further variants. (11x11, Cells: 91) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on Thu, Jan 6, 2011 10:23 PM UTC:
Standard AltOrth Hex is next to evaluate at NextChess, #27 pending for up-slot; and Aronson's self-nominated Not Particularly New(provisional #28) after that. There AltOrth Hex is the first hexagonal CV, but not the first alternate three-player with Zubrin's Three-Player(#5) once positioned. Regular AltOrth Hex is two- or three-player. Already, the process is filtering favourably AltOrth Hex from Glinsky, McCooey and Wellisch -- a chance to review all of them. Neither is there incidentally a 3-D solution square or hex or triangular exampled/propounded towards NextChesses yet. On hexagonal 2-D, Fore-Rook is more analogue, as to the leap hexagonal from square, of Schulz's 1943 Hunter, and Hind-Rook more same year 1943 Falcon. Then the full six-directional Rook is analogue to regular eight-way Queen, AltOrth Hex vis-a-vis the Lucena-Rabelais-f.i.d.e justification in Rook-Bishop-Queen. xxx

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