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Ajax Modern Random Chess. Missing description (9x9, Cells: 81) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jose Carrillo wrote on 2009-11-21 UTC
Thanks David.

Both pieces surely meet the same principle of 'non-capturing adopted steps' in Ajax Chess.

David Paulowich wrote on 2009-11-21 UTC

The Bishop in Fergus Duniho's Caïssa Britannia can also move (but not capture) like a Wazir. The Elephant in my own Shatranj Kamil (64) is an Alfil which can also move (but not capture) like a Dabbabah.

Jose Carrillo wrote on 2009-11-21 UTC
Charles Gilman said:...the Ajax pieces, which add an extra non-capturing move to a piece which can move with or without capturing it all its original directions.

Just found a piece with similar properties to the Ajax pieces: with non-capturing moves added to a piece which can move with or without capturing in all its original directions.

The Mandarin in Wuji Chinese Chess.

This new Mandarin can move (and capture) diagonally like in Chinese Chess, but it can also jump to any empty square within the fortress adjacent horizontally or vertically to the player's own King. The jumped square must be empty, therefore the Mandarin can't capture with this extra 'adopted' move.

Jose Carrillo wrote on 2009-09-28 UTC
Excellent Antoine!


Antoine Fourrière wrote on 2009-09-28 UTC
Okay, I've made them transparent and added them as _jc_aa, _JC_AA, _jc_ac and _JC_AC.

Jose Carrillo wrote on 2009-09-27 UTC
Yes Charles, thanks for clarifying your thoughts.

Cool then! My Ajax pieces are a unique original invention then! :-)

This is one of the reasons why I didn't want my Ajax Rooks, Bishops and Knights to be able to capture with their 'adopted' moves:

This position is from an Ajax Chess game after 5.Bc1-i7 with the Bishop pinning Black's Knight.

Should the Black Knight be able to capture on it's one-square 'adopted' moves, this type of pins would be impossible, for ... Nxi7 would remove the threat.

In my opinion this would make the game boring, and eliminate some of the chess tactics we are accustomed to.

To play with Rooks that capture like a Ferz, Bishops that capture like a Wazir and Knights that capture like a king; try Ruggero Micheletto's Ultra Chess.

Jeremy Good wrote on 2009-09-27 UTC
Yes, Charles. I'm glad you clarified it. Sorry I was a bit slow! You're exactly right though. Thank you.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-09-27 UTC
'Just like the Ajax pieces! What?'
No, quite unlike the Ajax pieces, which add an extra non-capturing move to a piece which can move with or without capturing it all its original directions. There is no direction in which Pawns can do both. See the difference yet?

Jose Carrillo wrote on 2009-09-26 UTC
Gracias Carlos!!!

Carlos Cetina wrote on 2009-09-26 UTC

José: Perhaps Antoine Fourriere could help you.

I know that all the icons designed by Matthew La Vallee (whose code carry his initial letters: _MLV_) were added to the Alfaerie Many set by Antoine.

Jose Carrillo wrote on 2009-09-26 UTC
My two new images can be used by chess variant creators however they want, if it makes sense according to the rules of their particular game.

The pieces I'm using in my Ajax variants just make logical sense as to the direction of their movement, but one must always remember the rules.

If I had to create new Ajax figurines, I couldn't play my Ajax variants OTB, which I do. I use a regular chess set, and elephants to represent the Ajax Ministers. Keep it simple!

My OTB opponents just know the rules, and know that the orthodox rook that they have always used in standard chess, in the Ajax games can move, but not take, one square diagonally.


Last time I checked my new pieces hadn't been aded yet to the Alfaerie Many set. Who else besides Fergus can help me with this?

Jeremy Good wrote on 2009-09-26 UTC
'Not really, the Pawn uses one type of direction in which it can move without capturing, and one type in which it can capture, but none in which it can do both.'

Just like the Ajax pieces! What?

Well, there is no universal standard of conformity as to how images should be used. There is no per se reason why these icons shouldn't be used as Ajax pieces, or alternately, as the pieces you describe. I used to think we should all agree on the meaning of particular icons and only use them in such a way, but it seems a difficult job to get people to agree to that! Of course, there's no reason why a class of icons can't be created that indicate that these pieces are peculiarly Ajax pieces and indeed in my first game using Ajax pieces, I kept forgetting that they couldn't capture in both ways, but I'm getting used to it.

Btw, Jose, did those pieces get added to Alfaerie - Many yet? I will want to see them get added if not. Others besides Fergus can do the job.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-09-26 UTC
'The precedent for the Ajax-Pieces not being able to capture with their adopted Commoner moves is the Pawn.'
	Not really, the Pawn uses one type of direction in which it can move without capturing, and one type in which it can capture, but none in which it can do both. Likewise the Yeoman, Steward, and other offshoots.
	All the traditional 'crownings' of linepieces (Shogi, Duke of Rutland, Wellisch hex &c) include the ability to capture with the extra move. Indeed you use images whose usual meaning is a piece that can capture in all its directions. Your new images could prove more popular for straightforward Rook+Knight+Ferz and Bishop+Knight+Wazir. As it happens I have been writing a page whose introduction mentions Rook+Knight+Ferz, although as far as I know it has yet to make it into any actual games.

Jose Carrillo wrote on 2009-09-20 UTC
Fergus, can you help me with this?

I need to add two new piece graphics to the (Unique) Alfaerie Many set.

The Archbishop symbol I'm currently using in Ajax Modern Random Chess is misleading for the actual movements of the Ajax Prime Minister.


The Ajax-Archbishop moves like Bishop+Knight, plus it has one orthogonal non-capturing 'adopted' step.


The Ajax-Chancellor moves like Rook+Knight, plus it has one diagonal non-capturing 'adopted' step.


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