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This item is a game information page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2016-02-12
 By Charles  Gilman. 12 Sharp Chess. 4-player versions of 10-or-more-file variants on cross-shaped boards. (12x12, Cells: 108) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-12-19 UTC
Yes, it does. This is the case in all Wildeurasian variants. Conversely, however, note that all Wildeurasian variants also have the Bare Facing rule, that two Kings cannot face each other along an orthogonal or diagonal - in this case through the central 6x6 area.

Nicholas Wolff wrote on 2009-12-18 UTC
Charles, In your rules, you state 'll compound pieces (Queen, Tank, Gnu) in 12# Wildeurasian, are barred from entering an enemy camp.' Does this mean that they cannot give check there, as well? Thanks.

Nicholas Wolff wrote on 2009-12-17 UTC
The presets screw up when viewing from green's side. Does anyone know how this can be fixed? We have 4 ongoing games for this. Here is a link to one of them where it is viewed from green's angle (at the time of this email). /play/pbm/play.php?game=12+Sharp+Wild+Eurasian+Qi&log=maeko-makov333-2009-349-254 Thanks! -Nick

Nicholas Wolff wrote on 2009-12-04 UTC

In case you were curious, here are the presets that I made for your variants. I am going to get them submitted soon.

Myself, Jeremy, Vitya, and Carlos Cetina are going to be playing 4 of them (Courier, Timur, Wild Eurasian Qi, and Compound B). If you want, I'll post the links to the games when we start.

12# Courier
12# Eurasian
12# Compound A
12# Compound B
12# Wild Eurasian Qi
12# Timur
12# Wildebeest
12# Rutland
12# Shoxiang
12# Mitregi 108

Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-11-21 UTC
Yes, it looks right, assuming that you're basing the Shoxiang one on the centrewise variant.

Nicholas Wolff wrote on 2009-11-17 UTC
Hey Charles, I am actually in the process of trying to make presets for your 12# variants. I was a little confused on some of the pieces (I think some images represented different pieces as the different variants were listed). I have made a list of what variants you listed and what I believe to be the opening setup of the armies. Could you please look over what I have written and correct the inefficiencies? Thank you. -Nick 12# COURIER 12# EURASIAN 12# WILDEURASIAN QI --- --- --- RBKQBR RCQKCR RCWTCR NAFFAN NOBBON BOQKOB PPPPPP PPPPPP MNNM 12# TIMUR 12# MITREGI 108 12# WILDEBEEST --- --- --- AMDDMA LEXKEL RBQKBR RIGKIR RBBR MNWWNM NFWWFN HYVVYH PPPPPP 12# RUTLAND 12# SHOXIANG 12# COMPOUND A --- --- --- RJQKZR LRKBRL RUQKZR NBBBBN VCXXCV N BB N PPPPPP YNSSNY PPPPPP 12# COMPOUND B --- RZQKZR NBUUBN PPPPPP A= ALFIL B= BISHOP C= CANNON (CHINESE) D= DABABA E= MITRE (BISHOP -ONLY FORWARD) F= FERZ G= GIRAFFE H= HUMP (CAMEL -ONLY FORWARD) I= PICKET J= CROWNED ROOK (ROOK + FERZ) K= KING L= LANCE M= CAMEL N= KNIGHT O= ARROW (VAO) P= PAWN Q= QUEEN R= ROOK S= STEPPING ELEPHANT T= TANK (CANNON + VAO) U= CARDINAL V= SILVER GENERAL W= WILDEBEEST X= GOLD GENERAL Y= HELM (SHOGI KNIGHT) Z= MARSHALL

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