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Coherent Chess (updated).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-06-04 UTC
Thanks, I fixed the bug in Transcendental Chess. It was due to the omission of a keyword in the findpiece function, which resulted in returning null strings for the locations of the Kings.

Carlos Cetina wrote on 2012-06-04 UTC
OK. Thanks. I will follow your instructions and later will comment you the results.

By the way, some days ago I was analizing theTrascendental Chess preset and found it has a bug. I think it is due to an error in the code box that it has written there this setup:8pppppppp32PPPPPPPP8.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-06-03 UTC
The functions and subroutines you're calling do not match up with the ones defined in the include file you are including. Note that chess and chess2 are not compatible with each other. These two include files do things very differently. You have included chess2, but the rest of your code seems designed for chess. The chess include file is optimized for Chess, and the chess2 include file uses a more generalized approach that is easier to adapt to other variants. The chess include file cannot be used for hopping pieces, but you should be able to adapt it for use with leapers and riders. If you use this include file, you will need to write separate functions for moving a piece and for spotting checks from the piece. You have not done the latter. Whichever you use, you have some more programming to do before you get your preset to work right. Examine it closely, and examine the preset that uses it to learn what kind of code needs to be used with it.

Carlos Cetina wrote on 2012-06-02 UTC

I need your help. I'm trying to enforce the rules for this preset but the system says me "Syntax Error on line 0" and "Call to checks subroutine got misrouted", which I don't understand.

The preset is here. By clicking on the "MOVE pieces by your self" button you will can see displayed the full game code program.

On 35 and 75 lines I added the sissa names for uppercase and lowercase respectively. Hope to have done it correctly.

Thanks beforhand for your attention.

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