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Chess with Extended Castle. Standard chess with extended castle rule, effectuating greater opening variance (with zrf).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝M Winther wrote on 2009-07-10 UTC
Charles, I did not want to introduce radically new rules while the 'extended castle' is intended as an 'improvement' of Fide-chess. A 1-3 king jump,etc., would seem far over the top, to the general Fide-chess player. Many opening systems of today would become unusable. My proposal implies a modest change. Nevertheless, it may actualize many opening systems again, such as the King's gambit, the Closed Sicilian, The Jänisch gambit (Ruy Lopez), etc, etc. This idea could be it, as a remedy for the opening monotony in Fide-chess. It's quite possible that we have  not yet arrived at the ideal rules for Fide-chess. Maybe this is exactly what is missing, and possibly it could infuse new life into Fide-chess. I presented the idea at a German forum, and a few contributors were enthusiastic, but many were die-hard conservatives, of course.

Charles Daniel wrote on 2009-07-10 UTC
Displacement Chess 2 already has extended castle which allows king to make 1-3 spaces towards the king. Additionally it reverses the king and queen for one side. Displacement Chess 2 offers much greater opening variance than the change you proposed.

The 1 space castle allows king to remain near the center but connects the rooks and keeps the rook on the center file.

Adjustments such as this change the game considerably and the effect cannot be fully investigated without a considerable number of play testing.

It seems to me that the goal is to have two sides castle on opposite sides. Just reversing the king and queen for one side will have that effect.

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