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Quivira FontA desktop publishing resource
. Unicode, TrueType font containing historical chess piece characters.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Garth Wallace wrote on 2018-09-16 UTC

This article is a bit out of date. Two additional blocks of chess symbols were added to its Private Use Area in version 3.2: "Private Use Area: Chess Symbols Extended-A" (consisting of various fairy pieces) at 0E140-0E17F, and "Private Use Area: Chess Symbols Extended-B" (consisting of compounds and 180 turned orthodox symbols) at 0E180-0E1AF.

The latest version of the font is 4.1, which is also presumably the final version as the site has not been updated in years.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-01-16 UTCGood ★★★★
This is an amazing set of characters. It could be very useful in illustrating a book about variants. Among my own variants it could represent several including 125% Oriental variants, Courier Ashtaranga, Courier DLC, Courier Kamil, Electrum Chess, Fivequarters, Half Shoxiang, Mitregi, Shoxiang 108, Taijitu Qi, Unionschach, and Xiang Courier. If only the posting system had some font marker that could say 'font Quivira, font colour [colour of army], background colour alternately [colour of odd squares, colour of even squares]'. Notable omissions are any obvious representation for Knighted (let along Camelled) pieces, but one cannot have everything.

Alexander Lange wrote on 2009-01-03 UTC
@Charles Gilman: Thank you for your feedback. I completely agree with you and have changed the text accordingly.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-01-01 UTC
You say that the should be in the range of 57360-57424. This is a range of 65 numbers, but only 64 characters are shown. Do you mean 57360-57423? Also worth noting are the FIDE pieces earlier on in the font.

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