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Hexmate. A two-player variant on a hex board made up of 127, 3-color hexagons. (Cells: 127) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Aurelian Florea wrote on 2017-11-06 UTC

That would have been my first guess indeed, thanks! :)

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2017-11-06 UTC

"They capture by normal movement..."
is, I assume, meant to mean that they don't have a different capture and non-capture movement.  So they capture one forward-left or forward-right.

Aurelian Florea wrote on 2017-11-06 UTC

I don't understand how pawn capture, it is clear how they move, but not how they capture :)!

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2016-02-20 UTC
<p>Visiting Random Game pages leads to interesting finds.</p> <p>This game also uses the idea of the Hero better known (to me) from <a href="">Hero Chess</a>; last month I noted the same of <a href="">Undenary Chess</a>. This game and Undenary share the idea of giving Hero powers to the king (whereas Hero Chess has a separate piece). But this game page was published a couple of years prior to either of the others.</p>

Anonymous wrote on 2010-06-06 UTC
Such king may be used in square game with 'lost compounds'!

George Duke wrote on 2005-03-01 UTC
'GHI,LargeCVh': 'Left and right sides of the board are mirror images, as
is the setup of both opponents'--Michael Rouse. Such perfect symmetry
tends to be discounted in this large CV thread. Too high piece density,
though tri-colours help see what the pathways are; besides, pieces are
prosaic. The case is not made in text for King's being so powerful: it
appears games would be > 100 moves. Sub-cross-thread for hexagon-spaced
boards starts here, as baseline. A general question: why so many CVs with
hexagons in board, whilst triangles are virtually unknown? Triangles tile
effectively too. Equilateral triangles throughout would look like
subdivided hexagons and might be more visualizable. Triangles would have
additional interesting transits, for ex., pieces related to Ralph Betza's
Rose and Half-Rose adapted to some mixed 'triangles and hexagons' or
'triangles-out-of-hexagons' game boards.

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