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Haynie's Primary Chess. On 6 by 6 board without knights. (6x6, Cells: 36) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Rodrigo Zanotelli wrote on 2015-06-20 UTC
There is low alamos chess that is this variant with knight instead of bishop and without castling.

But anyway, removing knights from the game make the queen have all the game moves.

"But you could just add knight moves to queen making her a amazon"

But then the king will not be a simplified version of amazon.

"Ok, but if that is the problem you just add knight moves to king too"

Then the knight move the king to will not be a simmplfied version of the kngiht move queen do.

J Andrew Lipscomb wrote on 2006-04-03 UTC
You could easily play with knights instead of bishops--that would be Los Alamos Chess plus castling.

Anonymous wrote on 2006-04-02 UTC
Why not play with knights instead of bishops?

Charles Gilman wrote on 2004-08-18 UTC
It was only a suggestion, which the inventor can ignore or even denounce for himself. Speaking for my own variants I'd welcome a few alternative names for Great Herd, Humpmitregi, and Tryzantine Chess. Does Michael Howe really mean that were he to invent the greatest variant ever he would not post it until he had thought of a decent name for it, even if that took another two years? Let's hear Billy Haynie's own verdict.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2004-04-23 UTCGood ★★★★
As Pawns have no initial double move, it could be said that just as the files removed are specifcally FIDE files b and g, the ranks removed are specifically FIDE ranks 3 and 6. Another name for this variant could be ARIANA (All-Radial dIANA).

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