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Grid Chess. Always move to a different 2 by 2 square part of the board. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Aurelian Florea wrote on Sun, Mar 25, 2018 05:26 PM UTC:

Thanks Ben!

I'm very uncounfoutable with the idea of pieces not being able to move that easilly. But it is a neat sytem. A game like cavalier chess would work much better with that :)!

Ben Reiniger wrote on Sun, Mar 25, 2018 03:17 PM UTC:

Yes, that's right.  That fact (and that kings cannot reach corners, and that K+R cannot force mate against k) is pointed out in Pritchard's Classified Encyclopedia.  Also mentioned there are some variants, which are available here under the Related menu as Friedlander's Java applets: Displaced Grid Chess, wherein the grids are moved one rank and one file resulting in the left- and right-most grids being only one wide and fixing the pawn problem; and Berolina Grid Chess, using Berolina pawns instead of ordinary ones.

(I'll fix the link description, which currently says grids are "4 by 4" squares.)

Aurelian Florea wrote on Sun, Mar 25, 2018 07:37 AM UTC:

To my understanding of the rules of this game a pawn on the 5th rank cannot move anymore but can capture if it changes grid. So a white pawn on a5 is screwed. Is my interpretation correct?

Thomas wrote on Wed, Aug 31, 2016 01:57 PM UTC:

What is U-grid chess? I can't find anything about it.

PS: not to mention random permutation chess. After every turn of every player, a random permutation of all 64 squares is generated and the pieces are rearranged according to it. King rule effective, checkmate is loss, if player to move attacks opponents king, they may not capture it. No double move, e.p., promotion or castling. Absolute chaos, but still not totally without strategy, one can still decide if and which piece to capture, while all non-capturing moves are effectively the same since everything is randomly rearranged.

Charles Gilman wrote on Mon, Apr 12, 2004 06:45 AM UTC:Good ★★★★
This is to redress the unjustified rating of Poor. There is a case for the page to refer to the Betza variants, but as this variant precedes them by two decades there is no necessity to do so.

gnohmon wrote on Wed, Apr 3, 2002 05:47 AM UTC:
Pinwheel Chess was invented early 1970s by me, in NOST/Algia.

The idea is, it's grid chess, but each grid rotates 1/4 turn after each move; and alternate grids rotate backwards -- e.g. a1 goes to a2, and c2 goes to c1.

I wrote the program that displays the board and lets 2 people play, more than once, in different languages. Long lost, of course, even if you could find compilers/interpreters for those languages.

Orbital Rotating Grid Chess is like Pinwheel Chess except that e4,e5,d4,d5 is one cell, (so far just as in Offset Grid Chess, but...) and the other squares in c4-f6 are another cell, and the remaining squares in b2-g7 another, and the remaining squares in a1-h8 (in other words, the 28 edge squares) are another cell. And they rotate in opposite directions. Chaos!

Knight's Tour Rotating Grid Chess, not the right name, but you take a Knight's tour, and each turn the pieces on a1 move to b3 and the pieces on c2 get transferred to a1, and so forth
And finally, Brownian Motion Chess, where the squares are randomly inserted into a linked list, unknown to the players, and each turn everything moves forward on the list one step.
All that was from just one of my densely-typed two page articles in N/A in early 1970s.

I have all the back issues, and some other stuff, packed in a box to send them away, but I never get around to doing it. So nag me.

Critique: Pinwheel could be played postal, which was the only mode back then, but you'd be crazy to try. Both pinwheel and Orbital should be playable (and even fun!) in a noncompetitive online situation.

Knight's Tour is just an over-the-top thingy all us CV designers like to do, and Brownian Motion is over-the-over-the-topmost.


David Howe wrote on Tue, Apr 2, 2002 01:22 PM UTC:
We might also mention Realm Chess. I'm still trying to find Betza's
Pinwheel Chess on our site, but so far have been unsuccessful. Perhaps we
need to add it?

gnohmon wrote on Tue, Apr 2, 2002 05:49 AM UTC:Poor ★
The comment system says 'skip to comments' but there are no comments.

This game should not be described without mentioning U-Grid Chess, and
Betza's Pinwheel Chess (and Orbital Rotating Grid and so forth).

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