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Turkish Great Chess III. John Gollon's third of six variations on Great Chess. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Paulowich wrote on 2006-02-22 UTCPoor ★
Grand Turkish Chess (III)

Daniel Roth makes some interesting suggestions. But a game with slow moving Pawns needs to be played on a smaller board. Start with the 'Grand Chess' initial setup on a 10x10 board, replacing the Marshalls on the f-file with Dragon Kings and the Cardinals on the g-file with Dragon Horses. I think the shortest possible game is: 1.e3-e4, e8-e7 2.e4-e5, Queen d9-h5 3.King e2-e3, Queen h5xe5 mate.

Daniel Roth wrote on 2003-06-05 UTC
The strange thing I don't like well on this variant are two time two
different looking pieces with the same moves. The Elephant and the
Standard are the same as like the Rook and the Chariot are the same.
Additionally are the pawns on the C and on the J file completely
unprotected. To improve this game I would give the Chariot the ability to
step 1 square diagonally like a ferz. This will protect these pawns I
mentioned above. And the Standard would gains the ability to step 1 square
orthagonally like a wazir.
The new Standard equals to Horse in Shogi.
The new Chariot equals to Dragon in Shogi.

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