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Game Courier Tournament #3. Vote for which games should be in the third Game Courier tournament.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
carlos carlos wrote on 2008-10-16 UTC
I don't have the time at the moment to organize GC4 either.

Good to see you again, Fergus!

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2008-10-16 UTC
I'm glad someone stepped in for me and ran this tournament in my absence. I got too busy with other stuff. Now that I'm back, I'm going to try to avoid taking on more responsibilities than I have the time for, which means not running any contests or tournaments for the foreseeable future. If someone else would like to run the next tournament, it's alright with me.

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-06-08 UTC
here are the official results. Name Userid Gary Gifford penswift 12.5 Antoine Fourri?e antoinefourriere 12 Joe Joyce joejoyce 10.5 carlos carlos carlos 9 David Paulowich david_64 8.5 Michael Schmahl mschmahl 7 Todor Tchervenkov tchervenkov 6.5 Adrian Alvarez de la Campa adrian 6 je ju jejujeju 6 Greg Strong mageofmaple 5 Jeremy Good judgmentality 3 Abdul Raman Sibahi sibahi 2 Uri Bruck bruck 2 juan rodriguez rodriguez 1 congratulations again gary! about the figures: i have double-checked these numbers. there are several differences between my numbers and david's numbers. i have included all players who properly completed at least one game. this is irrelevant to the final order though because if i included the other three or four as well it would just mean everybody got the same number of extra wins. at a certain stage in the tournament adrian, greg, jeremy and abdul became inactive players. from that point on, any games between an active player and an inactive player were given as wins to the active player. any games between two inactive players were given as wins to the black player (because white would have timed out first).

David Paulowich wrote on 2008-06-07 UTC
Results for the 11 active tournament players.  I know that I have 
an extra win logged here and Michael Schmahl has several unplayed games 
recorded.  Carlos: can you correct these total scores?  Just hit [Edit] 
and copy/paste into your own post, to preserve the formatting here.
Name                         Userid  
Gary Gifford               penswift  13.5/14 
Antoine Fourrière  antoinefourriere  12.0/13 
Joe Joyce                  joejoyce  11.5/14 
David Paulowich            david_64   9.5/14 
carlos carlos                carlos   8.0/12 
Michael Schmahl            mschmahl   9.0/15 
Todor Tchervenkov       tchervenkov   6.5/13 
Adrian Alvarez de la Campa   adrian   6.0/12 
je ju                      jejujeju   5.0/13 
Uri Bruck                     bruck   2.0/13 
juan rodriguez            rodriguez   2.0/13 

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-06-07 UTC
Hey, Carlos - I finished the last game [again]! You can declare the tournament officially over. Thank you for running it. I enjoyed it. Joe

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-05-23 UTC
cool, but see my earlier comment - some of the games you are counting don't count because people lost on time and then didn't really play any games at all...  

how do you get yours to stay in nice lines?

David Paulowich wrote on 2008-05-23 UTC
Latest results for the 11 active tournament players. Only 
continuing game is Joe Joyce - David Paulowich.  EDIT: columns 
in this report are achieved by hitting the space bar many times.
Name                         Userid  GCR          Percent
Gary Gifford               penswift 1699 13.5/14 = 96.43% 
Antoine Fourrière  antoinefourriere 1679 12.0/13 = 92.31% 
Joe Joyce                  joejoyce 1624 10.5/13 = 80.77% 

David Paulowich            david_64 1579  9.5/13 = 73.08% 
carlos carlos                carlos 1575  8.0/12 = 66.67% 
Michael Schmahl            mschmahl 1533  9.0/15 = 60.00% 

Todor Tchervenkov       tchervenkov 1505  6.5/13 = 50.00% 
Adrian Alvarez de la Campa   adrian 1498  6.0/12 = 50.00% 
je ju                      jejujeju 1459  5.0/13 = 38.46% 
Uri Bruck                     bruck 1364  2.0/13 = 15.38% 
juan rodriguez            rodriguez 1360  2.0/13 = 15.38% 

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-10 UTC
updated scores (sorry for the ugly format, got anything better david?):

GG 12.5 (12.5) AF 12 (12) CC 9 (9) JJ 8.5 (10.5) DP 8.5 (9.5) MS 7 (8) TT 6.5 (7.5) AA 6 (6) GS 5 (5) Je 5 (6) JG 3 (3) AR 2 (2) UB 2 (2)  JR 1 (1)

AR beats UB
GS beats Je (although Je still has a possible point)

third and fourth place still up for grabs.

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-01 UTC
updated scores (sorry for the ugly format):

GG 12.5 (12.5) AF 11 (12) CC 9 (9) JJ 8.5 (10.5) DP 8.5 (9.5) MS 7 (8) TT 6.5 (8.5) AA 6 (6) GS 5 (5) Je 4 (6) JG 3 (3) UB 2 (3) AR 2 (2) JR 1 (1)

gary goes unbeaten and defends his GC2 title.  there are still a few games going on but congratulations gary and antoine, who are guaranteed first and second.  way too good again...

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-03-27 UTC
i've made a table with all the updated results and excluding FD,ST,CP,JL,BB and NF as they didn't complete any games. that leaves 14 players and 13 possible points for each player.

the table won't paste properly into a comment. any ideas? it's just a regular spreadsheet table.

here's the leaderboard though. possible score is in brackets.

GG 11.5 (12.5) AF 11 (12) CC 9 (9) DP 8.5 (9.5) JJ 7.5 (10.5) MS 7 (9) TT 6.5 (8.5) AA 6 (6) GS 5 (5) Je 4 (7) JG 3 (3) UB 2 (3) AR 2 (2) JR 1 (1)

so gary needs at least a half-point from his last game to win the tournament (i think he would win on the countback rules fergus used). antoine could win the tournament if he beats todor and gary loses to michael.

3rd-7th all depend on results from the final round of games too. joe has the third highest possible score at this stage.

David Paulowich wrote on 2008-03-25 UTC
Latest results for the 11 active tournament players:
Name                         Userid  GCR          Percent
Gary Gifford               penswift 1694 12.5/13 = 96.15% 
Antoine Fourrière  antoinefourriere 1681 11.0/12 = 91.67% 
Joe Joyce                  joejoyce 1617  8.5/11 = 77.27% 
David Paulowich            david_64 1611  9.5/13 = 73.08% 

Michael Schmahl            mschmahl 1570  9.0/13 = 69.23% 
carlos carlos                carlos 1552  7.0/11 = 63.64% 
Adrian Alvarez de la Campa   adrian 1531  6.0/12 = 50.00% 
Todor Tchervenkov       tchervenkov 1529  6.5/11 = 59.09% 
je ju                      jejujeju 1439  3.0/10 = 30.00% 
juan rodriguez            rodriguez 1376  2.0/12 = 16.67% 
Uri Bruck                     bruck 1374  2.0/12 = 16.67%

je ju wrote on 2008-02-27 UTC
Thanks David,

I was more interested in all rated games from the group of games deemed 'VINTAGE' in the past 365 days, the results of which are as follows:

Name Userid              GCR            Percent won GCR1 GCR2 

je ju jejujeju            1564 1.0/1 = 100.00%       1564 1564 
Hans Henriksson hasurami  1548 1.5/2 = 75.00%        1548 1548 
darren paull ramalam 1451 0.5/2 =       25.00%       1451 1451 
juan rodriguez rodriguez 1435 0.0/1 =    0.00%       1435 1435 

...and was interested because it's the only way my enthusiastic yet not very skillful abilities will ever find the top of any rankings...


David Paulowich wrote on 2008-02-26 UTC
Tournament games have never been rated. 
In fact, very few games played here were rated. 
This Ratings List is calculated from all rated games played in 
the last 365 days.  Players with less than four games were removed. 
Name                         Userid  GCR          Percent GCR1 GCR2
carlos carlos                carlos 1629 10.0/12 = 83.33% 1649 1609 
Bogot Bogot                   olbog 1482  2.0/ 4 = 50.00% 1507 1457 
je ju                      jejujeju 1481 19.5/36 = 54.17% 1521 1441 
Jeremy Good           judgmentality 1438  1.0/ 4 = 25.00% 1461 1414 
Abdul-Rahman Sibahi          sibahi 1436  3.0/ 8 = 37.50% 1448 1425 
George Duke                  gwduke 1412  1.0/ 4 = 25.00% 1415 1410 
juan rodriguez            rodriguez 1385  7.5/27 = 27.78% 1419 1350 

je ju wrote on 2008-02-26 UTC

Appreciate the time and effort you put into posting rankings.  I think most regulars on this board are somewhat competitive and also like to see the rankings.  I'm very pleased to see my team on a board for the first time ever, though the particular end of the board on which we reside wasn't our first choice.

Of late, there has been discussion of some of the 'vintage' variants.  I've also noticed an acute interest in vintage games that have been rated, as they seem to be more seriously contested.

Out of curiosity, is there any way to isolate rated, vintage games played in the last 365 days and see what the rankings are for that?  

If so, would love to see the results.

David Paulowich wrote on 2008-02-25 UTC
Latest results for the 11 active tournament players:
Name                         Userid  GCR          Percent
Gary Gifford               penswift 1683  9.5/10 = 95.00% 
Antoine Fourrière  antoinefourriere 1661  9.0/10 = 90.00% 
Joe Joyce                  joejoyce 1648  7.5/ 9 = 83.33% 
David Paulowich            david_64 1634  9.5/12 = 79.17% 
Todor Tchervenkov       tchervenkov 1570  6.5/10 = 65.00% 
Michael Schmahl            mschmahl 1567  8.0/12 = 66.67% 
carlos carlos                carlos 1566  6.0/10 = 60.00% 
Adrian Alvarez de la Campa   adrian 1527  6.0/11 = 54.55% 
je ju                      jejujeju 1413  3.0/10 = 30.00% 
Uri Bruck                     bruck 1408  2.0/ 8 = 25.00% 
juan rodriguez            rodriguez 1379  2.0/12 = 16.67% 

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-02-25 UTC
Thank you, Antoine.

Antoine Fourrière wrote on 2008-02-25 UTC
I corrected bruck-mschmahl-2008-52-144 and joejoyce-mschmahl-2008-52-143. The other recently added game already had 14 days of sparetime.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-02-25 UTC
Carlos, Antoine: the tournament game of Voidrider Chess 
apparently started with 14 hours of reserve time, rather than 14 days.
Could this please be corrected. 

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-02-23 UTC
i just assigned the final three games.

David Paulowich wrote on 2008-02-06 UTC

carlos wrote [2008-02-01] this is what i was thinking: if the lost players don't confirm an interest within two weeks, they forfeit all their remaining games.

Do we really want someone to come back to this tournament and start playing 10 or 11 opponents? That could take another year.

Nasmichael Farris has a pair of unplayed time forfeits recorded, against myself and Sam Trenholme (who has 'played' only one game here). If these two games were relabled nontournament games, then we could just forget about those two players, instead of going through the messy business of a bunch of forfeits. And the same deal for anyone else who has not made a single move in any game.

Antoine Fourrière wrote on 2008-02-04 UTC
I also modified the time settings for adrian-mschmahl-2008-30-525.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-02-03 UTC
Yes, thanks, Antoine.

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-02-03 UTC
antoine, thanks. i noticed that there is another game with the same problem. adrian-mschmahl-2008-30-525

Antoine Fourrière wrote on 2008-02-01 UTC
I modified the time settings, but if it doesn't work, I won't be available before Monday (and before I'm getting my new Internet connection, so there's no guarantee).

je ju wrote on 2008-02-01 UTC
Great!!  Just what I need, an extra motivated Joe Joyce to dismantle me in under 10 moves.  

Thanks, Carlos.  



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