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Extra Move Chess. Move twice per turn with Extra Move Chess.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
🕸💡📝Fergus Duniho wrote on Fri, Dec 31, 2010 01:21 AM UTC:

The new preset is now finished, and it has replaced the old one on this page. Aside from allowing mouse movement for both moves, it differs from the old preset by requiring the use of pass to indicate a passed move, though this requirement only applies to the latest move made in a game. There were also some bugs in the old preset that got fixed in this one. To fix these bugs, I had to extensively rewrite the old code. For anyone who wants to apply what I did here to programming other double move variants, here is how it works. Before the moves are made, the current board configuration gets stored, and after the moves are made, it gets restored, effectively undoing all the moves. This allows it to do one move at a time, evaluating its legality before performing the next move. To replay moves, it first puts all the moves into an array. It then goes through this array, one move at a time, using the eval command to replay each move.

🕸💡📝Fergus Duniho wrote on Thu, Dec 30, 2010 04:45 PM UTC:

It looks like the original version is having the same problem with Pawn promotion, and I didn't notice it before, because without the ability to do all moves with the mouse, it wasn't as easy to test. The problem seems to be with how I have it replay the moves. I was using the MOVE: command once for a pair of moves (the pawn move and its promotion) instead of using it individually for each move it needed to replay. When I get more time, I'll fix it. The new version I'm working on is at /play/pbm/play.php?game=Extra+Move+Chess&settings=default.

M Winther wrote on Thu, Dec 30, 2010 06:01 AM UTC:
My Twinmove chess, a double move variant, uses mouse moves. I experience no
problems. Perhaps it is because the second move can never be a pawn move(?)
Twinmove Chess (compulsory) and Twinmove Chess (uncompelled)
My pawn promotion code is like this:

   if and var legal and equal rankname dest 8 not or equal Q space dest
     or equal R space dest or equal B space dest equal N space dest;
        askpromote Q R B N;


🕸💡📝Fergus Duniho wrote on Thu, Dec 30, 2010 01:58 AM UTC:
I'm currently working on allowing Extra Move Chess to use the mouse for all moves, but I'm having some trouble with Pawn promotion. For safe keeping, here is the sample game I have been playing with it:

1. P e2-e4 
1... p e7-e6; p d7-d5 
2. P e4-e5; B f1-b5 
2... p c7-c6; p f7-f5 
3. P e5-f6; Q d1-h5 
3... p g7-g6; b f8-c5 
4. Q h5-f3; B b5-d3 
4... n g8-f6; n b8-d7 
5. N g1-e2; K e1-g1 
5... b c5-f2; n f6-g4 
6. R f1-f2; P h2-h3 
6... n g4-f2; n d7-e5 
7. Q f3-f2; N e2-f4 
7... n e5-d3; k e8-g8 
8. N f4-d3; Q f2-e2 
8... b c8-d7; pass 
9. N d3-e5; P d2-d4 
9... r f8-f1; q d8-f8 
10. Q e2-f1; N e5-f3 
10... q f8-g7; r a8-f8 
11. B c1-f4; P g2-g3 
11... p g6-g5; b d7-e8 
12. B f4-g5; N b1-d2 
12... p e6-e5; p h7-h6 
13. N f3-e5; B g5-f4 
13... r f8-f4; q g7-g5 
14. Q f1-f4; N d2-e4 
14... q g5-f4; b e8-g6 
15. P g3-f4; N e4-f6 
15... k g8-g7; p a7-a5 
16. N f6-d5; P f4-f5 
16... p c6-d5; b g6-h5 
17. K g1-h2; R a1-g1 
17... k g7-f6; p b7-b5 
18. R g1-g6; N e5-d7 
18... k f6-e7; p b5-b4 
19. R g6-g7; P f5-f6 
19... k e7-d8; p a5-a4 
20. P b2-b3; P c2-c4 
20... p b4-c3; b h5-e8 
21. P b3-b4; P f6-f7 
21... p c3-c2; p a4-a3 
22. P b4-b5; P f7-f8; Q-dest

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