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Elevator. Three-dimensional chess variant with moving elevators and walking, vaulting and flying pieces. (4x(8x8), Cells: 192) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Anthony Viens wrote on Wed, Mar 11, 2020 03:14 PM UTC:Good ★★★★

Very good, well-thought out game, with pieces which compliment the board--some require elevator movement, some use the empty shafts, and the ox can use them to capture. Nicely done.

I will say the rules allowing the flying pieces to go 'up, through an elevator trapdoor' feel very unintuitive; especially if playing with a physical set. It makes more sense to me to allow flying pieces to go either up or down through the empty shafts only; this would also make it impossible to threaten an identical piece without also being in danger.

Still, a very good variant!

Marco Silva wrote on Fri, Jun 16, 2006 07:23 PM UTC:Good ★★★★
so, when you're saying it is abnormal to think of the cells as platforms
when considering flying pieces, you mean:

it does not make sense if they were 2x2 platforms, because if a Flying
piece were to go up, the piece has to move into the shaft and go through a
one-way door in the platform. If, however, the piece were to go down, when
it reaches the shaft, it could just jump down onto the platform below!

i believe this is what you mean.

one idea for a variant may be to allow pieces to jump down to the adjacent
lower level, but not upward.

Marco Silva wrote on Thu, Apr 27, 2006 07:37 PM UTC:Good ★★★★
When playing the Wonkavator version, does this mean you can move elevators more than just one level? Ex. if an elevator is on level 1, and there are shafts just above that elevator at level 2 and 3, does that mean in one move you could just move a peice on that elevator to level 3 immeadiately?

Also, what about Flying pieces? If the flying rook moves through a shaft, say on level 2, could it go through another shaft at level 3 and end up at level 4?

Larry Smith wrote on Thu, Feb 3, 2005 04:16 AM UTC:
Keep in mind that vacant Elevators cannot be moved.  So as the game reaches
its finale, the option to manipulate the playing field will be reduced.

Anonymous wrote on Wed, Feb 2, 2005 09:35 PM UTC:
A King in check from a Flying Rook, Flying Bishop, or Flying Queen might be able to get out of check by moving an elevator, depending on the situation. For example:<P> White: K2a1<BR> Black: K4a8, Q3a8<BR> elevator shafts: a1 on Level 3, a2 on Level 3, all others on Level 1<BR> White to move.<P> White can get out of check through E2a1U3, E2a2U3, or E4a2D3, in addition to the standard K2b1 or K2b2.

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