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David Pritchard. Death notice.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
mike adams wrote on 2006-01-07 UTC
Alex - the British CV Society site is at
where John Beasley's address as Secretary is listed.
Gary - I would be pleased for you to quote the biographical and other
I gave, in UON.

Hans Bodlaender wrote on 2006-01-07 UTC
The death of David Pritchard is a sad loss for the chess variant world. His Encyclopedia of Chess Variants (called ''the ECV' by many) has had a great impact for chess variants. For me, it was one of the four books I have read most often. He is also remembered by CV-enthousiasts for his other books, including a second book on chess variants, and his chairmanship of and work for the British Chess Variant Society. I also remember David for several kind letters to me and the help he gave in several ways to this website.

Alex Stone wrote on 2006-01-05 UTC
It is sad to hear of the death of David. I have watched from the sidelines for many a year, and enjoyed the content of this site which referred to his tome with great reverence. I would like information on how to contact the variants society of which he belonged, and any info on how to contact the person taking over the completion of his unfinished revised book. With much thanks in this time of sadness.


Gary Gifford wrote on 2006-01-04 UTC
Mike Adams.  I do not have your e-mail, but hopefully you will see this. 
Would it be okay to quote your last comment,in the next Issue of
Unorthodox Openings Newsletter?  That would be UON 14 coming out this
month.  The comment I am referring to begins, 'Following my

Thank you for posting your informative comment. Best regards, Gary
(Associate Editor, UON)

mike adams wrote on 2006-01-03 UTC
Following my announcement above of David's death, I have been pleased so many have responded with tributes. David lived a very full life - he was a pilot in the RAF in WW2, flying the French government in exile back to Paris in 1944. After the war he continued a career in military intelligence. David married Elaine, who was three times British womens champion, in 1952 and they had a daughter and five grandchildren.He visited almost every country in the world and was made a Fellow of the British Royal Geographic Society. He was a strong chess player and once won a game against the young British GM Tony Miles.After his 'retirement' he worked as a Games consultant. His first chess primer published 60 years ago is still in print and has sold several hundred thousand copies worldwide. David also wrote books on Mahjong and Go before his two books on CV's. At the time of his death, he had almost completed revising his 1994 Encyclopedia of CV's. John Beasley, Secretary of the British CV society, of which David was President, hopes to complete the revised edition. I attended the Hastings International last week and organised a CV tournament on New Years eve in David's memory. 17 players took part in this event, playing 8 x 5min CV's, won jointly by IM Andrew Greet and Jack Rudd. I have just joined this site and look forward to continuing to organise CV OTB events as a fitting tribute to David who was so inspiring to others. Mike Adams ( Woodstreet)

João Neto wrote on 2006-01-03 UTC
David Pritchard's death is a loss (every death is) but his work on chess
variants is very much alive and, hopefully, will continue to be fruitful
for a long time.

I feel that and its community of users (the only ones
that give some meaning to this collection of information) is a remarkable
tribute to his previous, pre-internet work, 'the Encyclopedia of Chess
Variants'. May our interest be a persistent thank you.

Larry Smith wrote on 2006-01-03 UTC
The passing of David is a huge loss.  Just consider the depth of his life. 
How many have had the opportunity to touch others across the globe?

Being beyond 40, I also hope to see an active age of 86.

My most sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Gary Gifford wrote on 2006-01-03 UTC
I was sorry to read of David Pritchard's passing and my condolences go to his friends and family. I heard of Mr. Pritchard's departure the day after I found a CV link to order an autographed copy of his chess variants book, which I once had the pleasure of viewing at the Cleveland White Collection. As a gesture of appreciation and respect for Mr. Pritchard and his work, I propose a 'David Pritchard Memorial Game Design Contest.' Each submitted game would be dedicated to the memory of this impressive man.

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2006-01-02 UTC
Mike Adams' replies with news in the best spirit of David Pritchard's
legacy (Mike's Chess club page is at:,

'Dear Tony

Thanks for this. I have just returned from the Hastings International -
last night on New Years eve we held an evening variants tournament in
memory of David. We played 8 different 5 min variants, which attracted an
entry of 17, won jointly by IM Andew Greet and Jack Rudd.

Best wishes

Mike Adams'

Joe Joyce wrote on 2006-01-02 UTC
I've been a member of this site (and online) a little over a year. I have
never seen the Encyclopedia of Chess Variants nor had any dealings with
Mr. Pritchard. However, in the brief time I've been here, I've seen his
name cited over and over again, as authoritative. I believe David Howe is
right. Whether or not this site ever generally recognizes people in
addition to games, I think Mr. Pritchard more than deserves the
recognition and thanks of people who love what chess can be. Surely it is
the rare person like David Pritchard who has helped create the conditions
and situations that all the rest of us enjoy. I feel this site would be
remiss in not finding a way to memorialize him. My sincere condolences to
his family and friends. 
M J Joyce III

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2006-01-01 UTC
What a sad news ! Having myself published CV books in French, I want to say
here how much I owe to his monumental work and all his books. All my
warmest sympathy goes to his family.
Jean-Louis Cazaux

David Howe wrote on 2006-01-01 UTC
He was in the process of publishing the next edition of Encyclopedia of Chess Variants. I am not sure how close he was to actual publication, but hopefully, it will still be published.

I never met him personally, but we corresponded via postal mail while he was in the process of compiling new entries for the next version of the ECV.

Perhaps it makes sense for our site to have recognized people in addition to variants? If so, David Pritchard would certainly be on that list.

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2006-01-01 UTC
Extremely sad news. Below is the text of my reply to Mr. Adams.

'Dear Mr. Adams,

I have posted your very sad news on our site, at

Mr. Pritchard will long be remembered by the Chess Variants community for
his love of Chess and great contributions to the knowledge and 
appreciation of variants. 

Mr. Pritchard was a correspondent with David Howe, our chief editor. He
also was the judge of our '41 Squares Contest' in 2001, for which we
will also remember him with gratitude. 

Our deepest condolences to his family and friends,

With best regards,

Tony Quintanilla
The Chess Variants Pages'

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