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Chogo44. Game with pawns and kings with co-enclosure capture. (7x8, Cells: 44) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2004-05-28 UTC
Your referenec to the Colchester Latrunculi is of particular interest to me, not just because I have a friend in Colchester but also because I have submitted a page of variants based on what I identify as a 'historic North European' approach of having many more files than ranks (e.g. Courier, Duke of Rutland's). Colchester is in N. Europe, so it is interesting to note that this historic approach dates still further back.

Anonymous wrote on 2004-05-18 UTC
Thanks, Roberto and Jeff. I am very grateful that Chogo44 now looks like it might become part of the main competition via the preset. Regarding an implementation within Zillions, although it would obviously be nice to have Chogo44 itself done, more important in my view would be to have the larger rectangular versions, particularly a 12x8 format up - anything up to around 14x11 versions of latrunculi may well have been played - though there is obviously no particular urgency for this. Regards, dtj

Jeff Rients wrote on 2004-05-18 UTC
I have submitted a barebones Courier preset for Chogo44.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2004-05-18 UTCGood ★★★★
This game has merits to be in the main cathegory. Is anyone trying to implement it in Zillions or making a Courier Preset?. The last thing is easy, at least a Preset that does not enforce the rules. I´m busy now and I´ll be in the next days, so I have little time to give a hand on this. I think the Zillions implementation is a lot of work, although it is clearly possible. I have thought a bit about a Zillions implementation, but I have not time enough to make the effort for a code soon, so if there is anybody trying to do it, or a Courier Preset, it should be good. Let me know.

Anonymous wrote on 2004-05-13 UTC
Robert, Thanks for your comment. Anyone is welcome to try to implement chogo for zillions without the rectangular mass movement option, if that proves difficult. I guess I put it in because it seemed like a logical, natural extension to column or phalanx movement, and it does actually reflect an option used in real troop marches and manoevres. Anyway I knew it could only be of rare occurrence because of the limited number of men. In fact I've yet to make use of it in any of my trial games! - but I like the idea that it is nonetheless available as a rather arcane resource. Regards, dtj

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2004-05-13 UTCGood ★★★★
Interesting and nice game. My only observation is about the mass movement, I would prefer only lines of pieces, instead of rectangular masses. And, of course, there is also the practical reason: implementation in a computer program, or coding it in Zillions, is much more easy with lines instead of rectangular masses of pieces.

dtj wrote on 2004-05-12 UTC
Here's the link I mentioned in my last comment for anyone interested -

Original writeup, graphics and gifs for chogo(latrunculi), PiRaTeKnIcS
cascudo are now included in the files section. 

I will also be trying (with a little help from Hans) to correct the text
diagrams within the chessvariants version of the chogo writeup.

dtj wrote on 2004-05-12 UTC
jared, looks like the emboldening and underlining that was originally
included in my writeup (and diagrams) has vanished in the transition to
html. i've just emailed hans about it and also noted a couple of missing
graphics. hoping these problems can be resolved. if not i'll make the
original writeup, graphics and sample game gifs available on a yahoo
to anyone interested. regards, dtj

Jared McComb wrote on 2004-05-12 UTC
It is impossible to read the text diagrams when there is no differentiation between players provided.

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