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Chess Morality VI: Promotion. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2012-01-12 UTC
History. What morality poem was being worked on 10 years ago? This one, that there is no Queen promotion, but only Pawn Promotion to Horse or else to Falcon or to Bishop as Elephant or to Rook as turning to Stone. Phoenix comes up again a year later, Piece-Makers, in what physicist David Bohm says to Krishnamurti and also in what the Pawn says, and what the Falcon says is turning ''dead as a Stone'' again -- as if to say Falcon is more fundamental than even Rook.

George Duke wrote on 2009-04-06 UTC
8 years ago in ''practice'' we realized that no Queen promotion necessitates hard choices for hard times. Do you want to turn into Horse, Falcon, Elephant, or turn to Stone? These are reruns of the XX CMs for novices and Gilman-overtaken mythologists. I finally have themes scientific in mind for CMXXI on. Possibly poesy is somewhat more in fashion for the same reason, and Ovid had the best ideas on that side of the divide (that Chess herself ever intends to bridge) before Shakespeare.

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