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This item is a book, magazine, journal or pamphlet
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2018-07-01
 Author: George Hope Verney. Chess Eccentricities. An old book on Chess variants from 1885.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Howe wrote on 2008-02-24 UTC
That is 'Chess for Six Players', by Dr. Max Lange, Weimar, 1881. It uses 3 chess boards layed side-by-side and 3 sets of chess pieces.

JustAnotherGuy wrote on 2008-02-24 UTC
What is the variant on the picture on the right ?

John Ayer wrote on 2008-02-24 UTC
A year or so ago a British chess club wanted to sell a copy of this book to raise money, and Fred Wilson of Fred Wilson--Books in New York City said that he had sold several copies over the years, and he didn't believe that only fourteen copies were printed.

John Savard wrote on 2008-02-23 UTC
I searched for this book on the Web, and have found that two copies of it are on sale on Abebooks for about U.S. $800. Google Books does not have a downloadable copy, but its 'find in a library' feature turns up 15 copies. Also, several old books with long listings of other books for sale from the same publisher list this book. Thus, the note in one library's copy that only 14 copies were printed does not seem to be accurate.

John Lawson wrote on 2006-08-30 UTC
When I was in high school, the Brooklyn Public Library had a copy, but it does not appear in their online catalogue now. When I took it out in 1967, the card said the last time anyone had taken it out was 1959. I would certainly want a copy, and I'm sure there are others who would also.

Anthony Stebbings wrote on 2006-08-29 UTC
A copy of this book is in the John G. White chess collection Cleveland Public Library, USA; a ms note in the flyleaf says that only 14 copies were printed. ( My chess club (Charlton chess club, London) owns a copy which it wishes to sell. Does anyone know if eBay is a good place to sell old and rare chess books? Is a reader of Chess Variants interested in acquiring the book? Any reply can be posted here or emailed to [email protected] Thanks.

David Howe wrote on 2004-11-19 UTC
Hi Paul, I would think the book is fairly valuable. I would be willing to pay on the order of $200 for it, but you may be able to get much more than that depending on the book's condition.

Paul Kelly wrote on 2004-11-19 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
David, Have come into possesion of this book. Do you know its value? 1885 Longmanx Green and Co- Chess Eccentricities- Major Geeorge Hope Varney h/b good condition. Paul Kelly

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