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Cascudo. On 44-square hexagonal board with turns consisting of cascade of moves. (Cells: 44) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dtj wrote on 2004-05-21 UTC
Michael, Thanks for taking the time to review Cascudo and for your kind comment. The hexagonal format(with pieces easily able to cascade into each other initially) seemed to lend itself particularly well to the cascade idea. I would agree with your suggestion that in translating the idea to a squared board the pieces might have to be given rather more powerful, flexible moves to provide sufficient movement options from the off. Presumeably too the king might be made even more powerful than the combination of existing queen and knight! Regards - dtj

Michael Nelson wrote on 2004-05-20 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
An intriguing idea indeed. The powerful King as the focal point is most interesting--especially the idea of one King checking the other. I suspect that this would play OK on a square board as well. Perhaps a Capablanca variant to bring in some stronger pieces.

dtj wrote on 2004-04-22 UTC
Hans, thanks for the good, swift job you've done on cascudo - one thing though (perhaps a fact only stated in my covering email), this is a non-competing entry, and I notice you've put it among the competing entries. Many thanks for the tremendous efforts all you editor-folk are putting in, regards, Dave Jagger

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