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Bach Dang Chess. On board with 88 squares, with crafts and other special pieces and rules. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Daniil Frolov wrote on 2017-06-22 UTC

Well, maybe, it's supposed that these 1 and 2 squares should be vacant, while anything in between may be leaped?..

(And as well, in some positions, some moves of leapers like zebra are seems to be reduced.)

George Duke wrote on 2009-06-22 UTC
Rudderless. Since the Ship jumps, Ship amounts to Zebra 2,3 plus Stork 2,7 without all the visualizing rigmarole. Counsellor, who is changed to the queen without her power in version two, is Alfil 0,2 plus Trebouchet 3,3. Win is by getting any Pawn to promotion rank for one turn.

George Duke wrote on 2005-01-27 UTC
The previous 'Good' is for Quang Trung Chess, an okay-enough embodiment. The inventor says about the 'Ship' added in Bach Dang, 'Please figure out why it is so!', dividing board into quadrants. Answer: to visualize 45-degree and 225-degree turns. One group of Ship's destination squares is 'Zebra squares' at (2,3) distance from departure square. Ship is a failed piece, worsening Quang Trung. QT establishes unique alternative winning condition: Pawn in the last row remaining uncaptured. That is the sense of the special c to h range. Maybe Excellent were QT played.

George Duke wrote on 2005-01-27 UTCGood ★★★★
'ABC-Large-CV thread': 'The rules are simple' says Vu Q Vo. 8 piece-types, after predecessor Quang Trung Chess has seven. Do its piece powers overcome the low 'Xiangqi-like' piece density of 40%? At first blush, no, Counsellor is weak, and Elephant(=Camel) is weak and unpopular. Chariot here is a nice piece as a cross between classical Cannon and T.R.Dawson's Grasshopper. However, Chariot does not have enough supporting material. Why call the Bishop-mover a 'Cannon'? That's confusing even though just nomenclature. Also confounding is having a central 'palace' between files c and h for two pieces but maybe that works. The new piece 'Ship' is somwhat Sissa-like. The game is reminiscent of Outback Chess in being an unusual mix of piece-types. This Bach Dang would have to be played. It may have unexpected merit.

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