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Arch-Chancellor Chess. Uses Archbishops instead of Bishops and Chancellors instead of Knights. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Reinhard Scharnagl wrote on 2005-01-13 UTC
Smirf would be able to play that variant except of the castling rule, where 8x8 pieces Q,R,B,N would be valid to promote into only.

Greg Strong wrote on 2004-12-25 UTC
It seems to me that this game has far too much power for this board.  The
more power you add, the more tactical the game becomes, and the less
strategic.  Some may like this, but by-in-large, I think people generally
try to maximize the strategic aspect of a game.

One quick example - Since all your bishops are arch-bishops, they can
change color.  One common strategic element to Chess is considering which
color your pieces are on, based on which color Bishop the opponent has. 
That element of the game is now gone.

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