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This item is a contest or tournament
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2003-07-17
 Author: Glenn  Overby II. Multivariant Tournament 2003. 2003 Multivariant PBEM tournament headquarters page.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Glenn Overby II wrote on 2003-08-19 UTC
The last game of Omega Chess has ended in an agreed draw.  Congratulations
to champion Mike Howe, 5.5 from 6, and runner-up John Lawson.

Players have 30 days to submit annotations they wish to see considered for
the annotation prize, and to nominate potential brilliancy prize winners.

I have commenced surveying the players about what list of games to include
in a future multivariant tournament.  They have some interesting ideas,
which will likely be placed on public view soon in compiled form.

Glenn Overby II wrote on 2003-03-03 UTC
Five of the fifteen tournament games have finished.  Standings are:

Peter Aronson 2.0/3
Michael Howe 1.0/1
John Lawson 1.0/3
Michael Nelson 1.0/3
Tony Quintanilla 0.0/0

All players are playing six games.

Aronson defeated Nelson at ximeracak. and Lawson at Rococo.
Howe defeated Nelson at Cavalier Chess.
Lawson defeated Aronson at Grand Chess.
Nelson defeated Lawson at Chess on a Longer Board.


Glenn Overby II wrote on 2003-01-17 UTC
The deadline has passed.  Unless David has a last-minute entry that has not
been forwarded (the entries route to him because of the fee), my pairings
are complete and will be emailed this weekend.

Good luck, gentlemen.

Glenn Overby II wrote on 2003-01-15 UTC
Just over 24 hours to go, in my time zone. Let your spirit of adventure thrive! Some of these games are really both quite good and not well known.

John Lawson wrote on 2003-01-15 UTC
Today is the last day to register!

2404 wrote on 2003-01-14 UTCGood ★★★★

Glenn Overby II wrote on 2003-01-07 UTC
I didn't bother to write a no computers rule because I dislike setting
rules that are by nature unenforceable.  (Would that lawmakers felt this

Peter also makes a good point...the availability of competent engines for
several of these games is limited to non-existent.  That's one advantage
of a multivariant event with widely different stuff.

Peter Aronson wrote on 2003-01-07 UTC
Not to mention ego. And for that matter, the only engine available for most of these games, Zillions of Games, plays several of the games on this list fairly weakly (Rococo and Chess on a Longer Board with a few Pieces Added come to mind).

Joseph DiMuro wrote on 2003-01-07 UTC
Other than conscience, not much...

[email protected] wrote on 2003-01-07 UTC
What prevents people from using an engine to make their moves?

ctsg wrote on 2003-01-06 UTCGood ★★★★

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2003-01-04 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Interested players, register by January 15th!!

Anonymous wrote on 2002-12-24 UTCGood ★★★★

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2002-12-22 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I'd like to put in a pitch for this excellent tournament! Interested players, please register!

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2002-11-22 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Great! The tournament should be very interesting. Thanks!

Glenn Overby II wrote on 2002-11-15 UTC
Both.  I will update the list of entrants every so often, <b>and</b> the
ultimate pairings will be a surprise.  :)

John Lawson wrote on 2002-11-15 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Will you occasionally post the entrants as registration proceeds, or will the pairings come as an utter surprise?

Glenn Overby II wrote on 2002-11-15 UTC
Registration is open at last, a few hours early, and the first entrant is already signed up...

Glenn Overby II wrote on 2002-11-03 UTC
The Zillions file is now available with all the tournament games (except Extinction, which comes with Zillions) in a single ZIP file.

Glenn Overby II wrote on 2002-11-02 UTC
The results are in.  The voting was very, very close.

Registration for the tournament opens in not quite two weeks.

Joseph DiMuro wrote on 2002-11-02 UTC
So, which games are going to be in the tournament? Which ones? Which ones? Which ones? :-D Please don't prolong the suspense! I can't take it much longer!! :-D

Glenn Overby II wrote on 2002-10-18 UTC
Eric: I'll be happy to put Renniassance Chess on the poll the next time we
do a tournament of this style.  The polling process is too far advanced to
tamper with it for this tournament.

I have only recently become familiar with RennChess, after Ben Good did
the updated page a short time ago.  It certainly falls into a style of
variant that seems to resonate with the voters.  In fact, a large-variants
theme is under active consideration for a future PBEM tourney.

Eric V. Greenwood wrote on 2002-10-17 UTCGood ★★★★
I have a comment/plea: please add Renniassance Chess to the available
choices. I know the category  *few extra pieces*   includes it; however, i
am doing some serious recruiting to the cause, and I hope i can get enough
people to vote.
 Actually, i had no idea this was here-i just was fortunate enough to
stumble onto it!


Glenn Overby II wrote on 2002-09-26 UTC
I wondered how long it would take someone to say that.  :(

Seriously, I apologize to anyone in Ben Good's position.  It was simply
the feeling after extended discussion that reducing the size of the list
would encourage more refined consideration of the remaining listed games,
and that sufficient voter input had been received to make a preliminary

The ultimate responsibility was mine.  I regret any bad feelings it may
have caused.  (It's hard to start something like this from scratch, and
know how it will best proceed.)  Thank you for your comment; I urge you to
make your opinion count in round two between now and 1 November.

Ben Good wrote on 2002-09-26 UTCPoor ★
i never got to vote in the first round because it said votes were being taken til november first.

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