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Tree Garden Chess ZIP file. Large chess variant on 10 by 10 board with 4 by 4 area missing from the middle.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Good wrote on 2003-02-25 UTC
this zip file doesn't unpack properly, and it's enough of a mess that i wasn't able to organize it properly. all the bmps go right into the rules folder (a problem for those of us trying to keep our folders organized), and the zrf is difficult to find, a 'my documents' folder (not the one on the desktop, not that i want zrfs being put there anyway) is created inside 'rules', which contains a 'zillions of games' folder which contains a 'tree garden' folder (so we have three nested folders that contain nothing but the next folder) which contains the zrf, which of can not find the images, and still can not find them if i transfer it to the 'rules' folder.

Ben Good wrote on 2003-03-04 UTC
thanks, this worked. for the benefit of future readers tho, it should still be fixed.

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