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Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2007-01-04 UTC
yes it is a tough call, i am not sure about what colors are normally used,
but they all look good to me, i think you should buy 2 sets :)
black and white look good, but the red looks pretty good too hehe :)

Neil Fernandez wrote on 2007-01-04 UTC
Thanks very much for this! Now I've got to decide between red/white,
red/black, or white/black :-) Have you any idea what most people use in

Thanks again.


Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2007-01-04 UTC
you can buy from here, i didn't look to see where it is, but i highly
doubt they would rip you off.

Neil Fernandez wrote on 2007-01-04 UTC

Neil Fernandez wrote on 2007-01-03 UTC
Does someone know where I might get hold of a makruk set, preferably in
wood and with a board, in the UK?

Or even one of the plastic ones.

I've tried various games shops and chess suppliers without success,
and I don't want to send my plastic card number to Thailand!

Many thanks!


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