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John Lawson wrote on 2018-04-14 UTC

Thanks! I remember the old system, and it was pretty crude.  Although I haven't been active here for a long time, I've checked in regularly over the years.  But I've retired now, so you may start seeing more of me


Fergus Duniho wrote on 2018-04-13 UTC

They are in the ratings directory. To answer your question from 2002, the new system is better because comments are stored in the database, which is much easier to search than separate HTML files, and each comment is normally signed by the person who wrote it. When signed with an ID, this provides the author of the comment the ability to rewrite it without extending that ablity to just anyone.

John Lawson wrote on 2018-04-13 UTC

I seem to remember that the comments from the previous commenting system used to be available.  Have they suffered an accident, or are comments from 17 years ago not that interesting?

David Howe wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
I've jury-rigged it so that double quotes are replaced with single quotes.
Who's idea was it anyway to revamp the commenting system!?! :)

This is a double quote believe it or not! --> '

David Howe wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
For now, please avoid using double quotes. I will be working on fixing the
problem 'real soon now'.

Peter Aronson wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
One more idea (isn't there always?) -- it would be nice to have some places to hang both general comments and comments on the comment system off of. So, I'd like there to be a page for the comment system <i>itself</i>, on which comments could be made, and a sort of general comment root page or site page or something for making comments not specifically associated with any particular page, like the discussion currently going on in the comment track for <u>Archoniclastic Chess</u>.

David Howe wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
Ok, so far I see two suggestions: 1. Provide a feedback link also at the top of each page. 2. Provide a submit button on the feedback form which skips the preview page. <p>I will work on making it more obvious that one must submit from the preview page. I really think it's a good idea for people to preview their comments before posting them. <p>I will restore the feedback link at the top of each page. I agree that we want to encourage feedback whenever possible. <p>Thanks for the feedback on the feedback system!

John Lawson wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
I'm with gnohmon on the desirability of providing feedback buttons at top
and bottom.  I like that the most current feedback is shown; you know if
there is an interesting conversation going on without having to open
another page.

John Lawson wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
Well, hey, if I can format my comments without HTML tags (whatever those
are), then I may be happy.

Let's see.

I am NOT considered fairly clever, except at my very narrow professional
specialization, which 99.44% of the readers here will never have heard of,
even though I approach 30 years as a computer professional.


gnohmon wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
Rating: okay so far.

Okay, I can do without html tags. For emphasis, there's time-honored
*usenet* format.

I don't like that the comment stuff is only at the end. Top & bottom was
better. You want to *encourage* comments/feebback.

I am considered fairly clever. However, it was only a lucky guess that led
me to the idea that one must first preview and then submit.

Either you should include a submit (for the confident) or change the button
to read

gnohmon wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
Rating: Undecided.

Do you test with the browser called lynx?

The old comment system streamed all text, so I had to enter comments with
html tags so at least they would look good when I viewed them with lynx.

If this comment is one paragraph, I still will need to, with a few extra
step which isn't all that bad.

John Lawson wrote on 2002-04-01 UTC
In what way is the new comment system an improvement over the old comment
system?  Will we have two comment systems to refer to, one current and the
other ageing?  I wouldn't know an HTML tag if it was marked down at

David Howe wrote on 2002-03-31 UTCGood ★★★★
Just testing with another comment. The new commenting system allows comments with or without <b>HTML</b> tags.<hr>--DH

David Howe wrote on 2002-03-30 UTCGood ★★★★
New commenting system created!

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