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Sample Double Chess Games. More Sample Games.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Short wrote on 2003-01-16 UTC
The latest game which has just been added to this page (board 176 vs. erik) is noteworthy because the way the game developed was rather unusual. Almost all of the play occurred on the 'queenside' (files A to H) with very little piece or pawn development on the 'kingside' (files I to P). Normally most doublechess games are a little more balanced than this one. I thought it worthy of publication. The game also featured some interesting exchanges of material and sacrifices. It's worth playing through and taking a look at it if you have the doublechess zrf on your ZILLIONS OF GAMES.

David Short wrote on 2003-01-15 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Are there any other pages on this web site which show sample games of the chess variants which are published on this site? I just submitted another sample doublechess game to the editors which I hope they will soon add to this page. People who are unfamiliar with doublchess can download the zrf for it at <p> <p>(or go to and click on the link next to the yellow box with the letter 'Z' in it about half-way down the page which indicates it is the link for the Zillions of Games file for Doublechess) <p>and open the file inside your ZILLIONS OF GAMES program, and when selecting a side to play, select BOTH white and black. This allows you to move the pieces for both sides. In this way you can play through the sample doublechess games on this page.

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